Model of the world – NLP 

In NLP we talk about someones model of the world. This is how someone interprets their world.  It is a collection of beliefs and values. Your model of the world is different to my model of the world purely because we interpret things differently. We tend to interpret our current environment and events based on experiences that we have had in the past, we filter our actual experiences internally and we will interpret them as good or bad. These are stored as memories and the next time we are in a similar situation we will automatically bring back these memories and they will affect our experience.

Eg In my model of the world the sun will come up tomorrow.  This will probably be the same in your model of the world, but not in everyone’s!

In order to work with someone effectively we need to get closer to their model of the world so that we can properly understand them and motivate them. We need to see their model of the world rather than imposing our own.

“Having respect for someone else’s model of the world” is one of the linguistic assumptions of NLP, one of the presuppositions of NLP.  This is a very empowering belief to have.

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