NLP Eye Patterns Chart

Chart looking at another person


  • Vc    = Visual Constructed = Images never seen before
  • Vr    = Visual Recall = Seeing images from memory
  • Ac    = Auditory Constructed = Making up sounds not heard before
  • Ar    = Auditory Recall = Remembered sounds heard before
  • K    = Kinesthetic (Feelings) = Feelings, Sense of taste, touch, smell
  • Ad    = Auditory Digital = Self-talk, internal dialogue


You can tell how another person is thinking by observing their eye patterns. Learn what questions to ask, when and how to ask them and how translate the eye patterns to interpret someone’s thinking. We cover all of this in detail in our NLP Practitioner Training Courses and in our online NLP programmes.


Here is a snapshot from our NLP training series: