NLP Primary Representational System

Also called our Preferred Representational System. Take the quiz to find your own preferred system.

The Primary Representational System is the representational system that someone most often uses to calculate experiences and show them to the world. Calculate does not always mean thinking or logic though. It can be via pictures, feelings, sounds.

This is the representational system that we commonly and most easily employ.

We detect our Primary Representational System by the language that we use, body language, where we breathe from, eye movements, body type (eg thin implies visual preference)

Understanding Representational Systems and our preferences is key to understanding ourselves and others, assisting in our own personal development and growth and that of people that we are communicating with.  It is a key skill in Sales Training, business in general, Education and in Therapy.  We offer specialist training and coaching services to business and  NLP Training Courses to individuals.