Referential Index – NLP

The Referential Index is the subject of the sentence.    Eg He did it well.  ‘He’ is the referential index.

Referential Index Shift

Making a change in the referential index through modelling. This occurs when the subject of the sentence shifts from one perspective to another. It is finding someone else who has a way of thinking or a resource you wish to model, entering their model of the world and noting from their perspective and in all modalities the process and results of their thinking and/or action. Also making a change in the referential index (subject) of a sentence to create overload at the conscious level.

Demonstrating uses:

  • ‘I can juggle, what I’d like you to do is review with vivid detail in picture and sound and feeling what I do.  Consider those possibilities’
  • Demonstrate board breaking, get them to consider as above
  • Demonstrate how to drive a golf ball. Consider as above
Lack of Referential index is an NLP Milton Model language pattern used to confuse the conscious mind in order to allow positive suggestion at the unconscious level. The Milton Model is discussed in detail in both our NLP practitioner Training and our NLP Master Practitioner Training.