The NLP Milton Model is a set of language patterns used to help people to make desirable changes and solve difficult problems. It is also useful for inducing trance or an altered state of consciousness to access our all powerful unconscious resources.

Otherwise described as ‘metaphors for artfully vague suggestions.’

‘Milton’ is derived from the Hypnotherapist Milton Erickson and we explain in detail how to use these NLP Language patterns in our NLP Training Courses.

Milton Model

The patterns are all part of our every day language, NLP provides us with titles for the language patterns that enable us to identify them and therefore once learnt we can use them intentionally to assist us in achieving our desired results from our communication with others.

Milton Model statements can be very persuasive and therefore NLP encourages you to use them with ecology and care for others.

Unless you are planning to train NLP, you do not need to memorise the titles of the patterns. Just to understand what they are, how they are used and to be able to create your own examples will be sufficient for you to use them effectively.Milton Erickson - Milton Model (NLP)

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