NLP Search Anchor


The NLP Search Anchor is an anchor used to identify the source of a problem or issue.


Process for Search Anchor:

  • Get a client to access that feeling in the here-and-now, and anchor it.
  • Then holding that anchor, invite them to “go back through their personal history and find other times when they felt like this” (squeezing the anchor a little harder each time you hit a “stopping point”, and thus making what you might call a “found anchor”).
  • When you find the earliest one let go of that anchor.
  • Then break state, find several positive resources (“at least three!”), anchor each one, and in general get the client ready for the big one.
  • Then, go back to the “youngest occurrence” of the series of same-or-similar negative states, fire the “found” anchor.
  • Apply all the positive anchors.
  • Collapse that negative memory out – and be satisfied by calibration that the negative has all gone.
  • Then come forward in time using the light version of the “found” anchor – ie, the “search anchor” – to the next “stopping point”, and clean that up too.


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