NLP Sequential Incongruity


A sequential incongruity occurs when a conflict between two or more “parts” or states within a person are expressed over a period of time. Another way to think about this phenomenon is that certain neural networks are mutually exclusive. When one is on, the other is off. The dissociation is so great that there is little or no communication between the parts. Each part may have its own set of behaviours, feelings, attitudes, and beliefs.


NLP Simultaneous Incongruity

A simultaneous incongruity occurs when an individual experiences a conflict between “parts” or states at the same time. A typical example of this is a client who verbalizes “yes” while unconsciously shaking his/her head “no.” In this type of incongruity, what you see is what you get.

The NLP process of Parts Integration is a great way to resolve this conflict and bring congruity. We offer full instruction on the process of Parts Integration to enable you to resolve your own conflict and those of others on our NLP Training Courses.