Our students do recommend our NLP courses, find out why:

“My original objectives in doing the Master Practitioner course were to become as qualified as possible so I can do as good a job as possible when dealing with clients, in my NLP practice. I also knew I would learn new techniques which would help me personally…and I was correct.

The most valuable tools I have gained, which I’ve used personally and with my clients (as used in my reflections), are furthering my timeline understanding, especially learning to remove negative emotions, quantum NLP ( I so loved this and it brought back a part of my life I’d forgotten I should be doing,and I now am btw!). Techniques like the blow out, hypnosis and self hypnosis. However my two favourite tools I take from the course are elicitation and modelling. I use elicitation personally, a lot and also regularly use it with clients. Just this morning I did a stress elicitation, which helped clarify exactly what issues are causing problems and which of them I need to tackle first. I find it really helps to see everything on paper and then in order of importance. It gives me and my clients a much clearer, objective view of which areas of your life you want/need to work on. The values elicitation did make me contemplate my life more than any other exercise, and the towards /away from really made me rethink my values and which order I needed them to be in to be happier. I think it’s an invaluable tool which I will always use.

I very much enjoyed the modelling project, I know I will use this a lot, both personally and professionally. That to me is the beauty of these courses .You gain so much to help others, but so much for your personal development too. I’m taking the idea of having a project and using it for all of my goals/desired outcomes. In fact I have treated myself to a special journal, especially for this purpose I think that very focused energy, really brought results much more quickly than the technique I had been using. I intend on using visualisation a lot more in my work too. It is so much about focus,energy and the power behind your intention and desire for something.

The area I need to work on is Milton Erickson. I need to have a deeper understanding of his techniques. I understand hypnosis/self hypnosis well I think. I just don’t find his technique as easy or as natural as others. I want to study his work more. Perhaps read a book specifically on his technique.

As for the future. I intend to start a practice!  It will be a gradual increase in clients, hopefully, as I have to put my health at no.1 on my list of priorities. Ideally I would love my Dr to refer patients to me. People who need help to cope with the myriad of emotional difficulties chronic or terminal illnesses ,especially can cause. This is an idea that we have discussed and she was very happy with the plan. It would be nice to diversify too and have other, I guess more normal problems I can help people with.

I will always continue my learning, I have a pile of books to read and an Amazon review to write! I’m very interested in the course you do which accompanies your book and also the life coach qualification. There are so many therapies I’ve found helpful over the years, EFT, Art therapy, Flower remedy therapy etc, that all compliment my NLP work. I’d like to get qualifications in them, one day too.I have quite a master plan!

This course has been rather different to doing the practitioner course, as this time I’ve been working with clients, not to mention travelling to visit my partner and some interesting life challenges. My juggling technique has improved greatly!.

Thank you so much for another fascinating course. I have, as ever,  found your advice, support, encouragement a huge motivation. I am very grateful that I found you and I love that you are part of my very unique journey.”


“My original objective/goal for learning this course was to have a greater understanding of how to use NLP in coaching. As I have focused on NLP for therapy, I thought it was a good opportunity to learn it from a different angle. I believe I have achieved this goal as the course has shown me which specific aspects of NLP I could use in a coaching session and which aspects (such as Values) could be core to delivering a coaching session

The most valuable tools I have gained from the training have been:

  • A deeper understanding of values and strategies and how to use them to install long-lasting and effective change in a client.
  • A deeper understanding of the power and importance of the timeline technique on releasing negative emotions and limiting beliefs.
  • Flexibility while carrying out processes with others.

The biggest impact has probable been the learnings and practice from the quantum linguistic module. I consider the language patterns the most important aspect of NLP and these linguistic patterns were ones I hadn’t worked through implicitly before so it was great to learn.

I need more work on hypnosis/Milton model patterns for sure. I haven’t had as much practice with the Milton model. Though, I have a hypnotherapist course coming up soon so that will help. I’d also like to practice the sleight of mouth patterns more too because they would be great reframes.


I have applied elements of this training by:

  • Living more at cause and not at effect
  • Listening out for Milton model patterns in conversation
  • Noticing what values level people are operating on
  • Being curious about negative behaviour instead of being confused
  • Using the learning state – I have used this to pass my driving test, while creating music, while studying and to release a present negative emotion
  • Taking on the presuppositions of NLP as beliefs
  • Noticing any deletions, distortions or generalisations in my own language (and challenging them)
  • Using advanced techniques on myself

This training will be used with all future clients and I will continue to use techniques and challenges on myself. The NLP Trainers Training will be a huge step up in my knowledge of NLP because teaching something really secures the understanding. I will continue to practice at any given moment and help others wherever needed. I will brush up on any areas I want to know more about such as hypnotic language and sleight of mouth and I will continue to experiment with techniques in order to achieve change. “