International NLP Trainers Training

  • NLP Trainers Training course – Train to be an accredited trainer of NLP with the Excellence Assured Training Academy
  • NLP Training Academy - Experts in NLPInternational – Learn the skills of an NLP Trainer from your own home. Training delivered from our multimedia online training platform.
  • This is a fully tutored international NLP Trainers Training course available to students of every nationality.
  • NLPEA Trainers Training Certification, Accreditation & Trainer level membership
  • Courses running 24/7/365
  • Limited places apply – This is a very popular course and we limit the number of students on the course to ensure that we are able to dedicate quality tutoring to you.
  • Current Course availability – SPACES AVAILABLE – LIMITED – Apply to join us today.



Upon qualification from this course we will register you for lifetime membership as an accredited NLP Trainer with NLPEA – the International Guild of NLP

You will be able to run your own NLPEA accredited NLP Practitioner and NLP Master Practitioner courses and certify, accredit and  register NLPEA Transformation Coaches

Offer these professional titles for your own students and use this NLP professional and trusted branding

NLPEA Registered Transformational Coach
NLPEA Lifetime membership (Practitioner Level)
NLPEA Lifetime membership (Master Practitioner Level)

NLP Trainers Training with no flights, no hotel fees. Train from home and in your own time

  • New career in NLP?
  • New career in training?
  • Overcome your fear of public speaking
  • Qualify from this course and provide your own NLP Practitioner and NLP Master Practitioner Training courses wherever you are in the world. Sign your own NLP Practitioner and Master Practitioner certificates.
  • Develop magical training and presentation skills
  • Reach the pinnacle of NLP learning

This is a tutored online NLP Trainers Training course that provides you with the opportunity to become a certified trainer of NLP. Using a combination of video, audio, fully illustrated manual, and Skype, train with us to be a trainer of NLP.

Whether you are looking for a career as an NLP trainer, to develop your presentation and training skills or develop your NLP skills you can take this training course from anywhere in the world and gain a fully NLPEA recognised professional NLP Trainer qualification (upon achieving the required certification standard).

International NLP Trainers Training

International NLP Trainers Training

Testimonial – NLP Trainers Training  – Your excellence assured

Truly, Anthony Beardsell’s NLP Trainer program has given me the opportunity of obtaining the highest quality training certification skill from one the best International NLP Body in the world. Excellence Assured program provides the most comprehensive syllabus that you will ever need, and there is no need to look elsewhere after this. It covers the entire syllabus, presentation technique and even setting up a training business successfully.

You will learn the secrets of becoming a dynamic, powerful, effective and successful NLP Trainer from this program. It is beyond substitute from any books, videos and materials, because it provides one of the most important elements beyond all these, i.e. personal coaching and development from Anthony Beardsell himself in the comforts of your own home or office! If you think that having over 15 years of training experience like me is good enough, think again! Mr. Beardsell will show you the differences on what is truly personal training excellence, from average to excellence!

Welcome to the journey of personal transformation, growth and change, in this program. As you complete the journey of this program, you will experience a new personality, a better way of training skill and a new outlook in life as an NLP trainer

The only regret about this program is that I should have taken this journey much earlier in my life – as I would have been able to achieve even more in life by now! However, it is never too late and I am happy that I have discovered it today, one of the best investments that I have ever made – my time, money, energy, skill and sacrifices in completing this program.
No amount of words can explain the experiences that you will go through – and you will only need to experience it by yourself only once, the sooner the better! – Jeffrey Gan

…..and 12 months later…