International NLP Trainers Training

  • NLP Trainers Training course – Train to be an accredited trainer of NLP with the Excellence Assured Training Academy
  • NLP Training Academy - Experts in NLPInternational – Learn the skills of an NLP Trainer from your own home. Training delivered from our multimedia online training platform.
  • This is a fully tutored international NLP Trainers Training course available to students of every nationality.
  • NLPEA Trainers Training Certification, Accreditation & Trainer level membership
  • Courses running 24/7/365
  • Limited places apply – This is a very popular course and we limit the number of students on the course to ensure that we are able to dedicate quality tutoring to you.
  • Current Course availability – SPACES AVAILABLE – LIMITED – Apply to join us today.



Upon qualification from this course we will register you for lifetime membership as an accredited NLP Trainer with NLPEA – the International Guild of NLP

You will be able to run your own NLPEA accredited NLP Practitioner and NLP Master Practitioner courses and certify, accredit and  register NLPEA Transformation Coaches

ACCPH accredited course

Offer these professional titles for your own students and use this NLP professional and trusted branding

NLPEA Registered Transformational Coach
NLPEA Lifetime membership (Practitioner Level)
NLPEA Lifetime membership (Master Practitioner Level)

NLP Trainers Training with no flights, no hotel fees. Train from home and in your own time

  • New career in NLP?
  • New career in training?
  • Overcome your fear of public speaking
  • Qualify from this course and provide your own NLP Practitioner and NLP Master Practitioner Training courses wherever you are in the world. Sign your own NLP Practitioner and Master Practitioner certificates.
  • Develop magical training and presentation skills
  • Reach the pinnacle of NLP learning

This is a tutored online NLP Trainers Training course that provides you with the opportunity to become a certified trainer of NLP. Using a combination of video, audio, fully illustrated manual, and Skype, train with us to be a trainer of NLP.

Whether you are looking for a career as an NLP trainer, to develop your presentation and training skills or develop your NLP skills you can take this training course from anywhere in the world and gain a fully NLPEA recognised professional NLP Trainer qualification (upon achieving the required certification standard).

International NLP Trainers Training

International NLP Trainers Training

Testimonial – NLP Trainers Training  – Your excellence assured

Truly, Anthony Beardsell’s NLP Trainer program has given me the opportunity of obtaining the highest quality training certification skill from one the best International NLP Body in the world. Excellence Assured program provides the most comprehensive syllabus that you will ever need, and there is no need to look elsewhere after this. It covers the entire syllabus, presentation technique and even setting up a training business successfully.

You will learn the secrets of becoming a dynamic, powerful, effective and successful NLP Trainer from this program. It is beyond substitute from any books, videos and materials, because it provides one of the most important elements beyond all these, i.e. personal coaching and development from Anthony Beardsell himself in the comforts of your own home or office! If you think that having over 15 years of training experience like me is good enough, think again! Mr. Beardsell will show you the differences on what is truly personal training excellence, from average to excellence!

Welcome to the journey of personal transformation, growth and change, in this program. As you complete the journey of this program, you will experience a new personality, a better way of training skill and a new outlook in life as an NLP trainer

The only regret about this program is that I should have taken this journey much earlier in my life – as I would have been able to achieve even more in life by now! However, it is never too late and I am happy that I have discovered it today, one of the best investments that I have ever made – my time, money, energy, skill and sacrifices in completing this program.
No amount of words can explain the experiences that you will go through – and you will only need to experience it by yourself only once, the sooner the better! – Jeffrey Gan

…..and 12 months later…
Training NLP in Indonesia

Happy to share with you the NLP program that I’ve conducted today – close to 80 participants turned up and perhaps will continue in other cities in Indonesia.
Thanking you once again for the coaching & guidance and credits to you for your trainings.
‎Good day!

Who is the course for?  

This is an International NLP Trainer Training Course and is open to all.

It will provide the greatest benefit to existing NLP Practitioners and NLP Master Practitioners.

If you wish to run your own NLP Practitioner and NLP Master Practitioner training courses in future, then you will need to qualify as an NLP Master Practitioner in addition to gaining the NLP Trainers Training qualification. We accept existing certificates from all recognised NLP training organisations.

Not got your NLP Practitioner or NLP Master Practitioner qualifications as yet? No problem, you can combine them with this course, see our NLP Masters and Trainer package for details.

NLP Train the Trainer course 

  • The first stage of NLP training is NLP Practitioner.
  • The second stage of NLP training is NLP Master Practitioner.
  • The final stage of NLP training is NLP Trainer.

This course is the final stage of NLP learning and the pinnacle for any NLP professional.

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I achieved my goal to become a Trainer of NLP and so much more, the online Trainer Training was absolutely excellent, my skills and knowledge has increased.  A fantastic learning experience that fitted around my world giving me the skills and understanding to become an inspirational and engaging NLP Trainer. – Anne Kennedy, UK

Thank you so much, for absolutely everything.
Your training is the best, and I am so excited for the future.
I will proudly use the NLPEA logos on my websites,
and the membership is really great. I am so grateful and proud to be a part of your community.  Thora Sæther, Norway

What you can gain from this NLP Trainers Training course

In addition to having an amazing, fun, empowering and life enhancing experience, we intend for you to gain the following benefits from this training course:

  • Overcome any fear of public speaking
  • Eliminate stage fright
  • Become an elite trainer/presenter
  • Learn how to use loops, embedded metaphors, multiple embedded metaphors to stun your audiences
  • Use of hypnotic language patterns to gain rapport with, influence over and motivate an audience
  • Develop a powerful positive state for training
  • Training and presenting using voice anchoring
  • How to create states and mindsets in an audience
  • Learn a process for being ready to train and present any subject at the blink of an eye
  • Develop any training subject using the 4-Mat Training system
  • Learn to train and present using the NLP Satir Categories to develop stunning presentations
  • How to use spacial anchoring and anchor chains with an audience for maximum control and results
  • How to design a training course
  • How to plan the logistics of your training
  • Delivering empowering and effective feedback
  • Designing a training using story boarding
  • Learn to present like Anthony Robbins
  • How to overcome objections in presentations or trainings
  • How to sequence your own NLP Practitioner training course
  • How to overcome objections and problems in a training environment
  • Learn how to demonstrate the NLP processes and techniques with ease
  • How to develop and sell your own NLP training business
  • Learn a simple sales process which uses the techniques of NLP to grow your business

I haven’t been in touch in the last month or so since finishing the NLP trainers training as I have been in France doing some advanced hypnosis training. Very interesting and the best was at the end ….

…The training organisation had a problem with a training that they had to do, the trainer scheduled to do the training pulled out at the last minute…

So he asked me I could do it (he knew that I had done the NLP trainer training)

Three days to prepare, (only 3 hours a day, because we were doing our training in the day so I had to prepare in the evening).

I was very excited to do this training. It was a 2 days training of 14 doctors that didn’t know what hypnosis is. The challenge was to give them a good view of hypnosis so they can think of using it in their job. The written support was there, but not made by us. It is difficult to take something like this on the fly.

At the end of the first day, the people who organise this training, and who were there, tell us that it was an excellent training quality. And I remembered what you said, “don’t be good,… be the best…”

The second day, we change our way of training and at the end of the day they had experimented with hypnosis and we had given them a basis of how to do it….

When we ask them how they “felt” the training went, ….nobody said anything…then an amazing thing happened, they all burst into applause!!!!

Each of them come to see us, to say thanks and ask “when will be the next training ….what will you put inside… how can we do it. I want to do it…”

I was not prepared for that. I’m sure now of what i want to do …

I thank you so much for your training ?

Every position, word, the way to talk, Satir categories, it all came automatically. I feel a great pleasure of that event…

I bless the day I start the training with you ☺ Thank you so much for what you teach me ☺

Phillipe P.

NLP Master Trainer - Anthony Beardsell

NLP Master Trainer – Anthony Beardsell

If you have any questions about this training or wish to discuss your options before proceeding, then we would be delighted to hear from you. You can request a FREE brochure or ask your trainer, Anthony a question by using the form below. 

NLP Trainer Training Brochure

How is the course presented?

Richard Bandler described NLP as “an attitude and a methodology that leaves behind a trail of techniques.”  Fortunately, NLP is a body of knowledge that is simply laid out as a series or trail of steps. If you have the right attitude and you are shown the methodology, then you can easily follow the steps to excellence. This lends itself perfectly to our format of NLP training, we will provide you with the methodology, coaching and support that you need to become a trainer of NLP.

Via our virtual NLP centre (LMS) at our NLP e-learning platform we will provide you with videos fully supported by illustrated manuals packed full of exercises, instruction and demos that will enable you to study towards your certification as an NLP trainer.

You will have access to your own personal course tutor who will be able to provide you with expert support and answer any questions that you may have as you take your course.

What you get in the training package

  • 70+ hand-crafted videos which you can watch online or download to your computer at home/office – access to the course remains open to you as long as you need it.
  • NLP Trainers certificate – after qualification
  • Access to in course tutoring from NLP Master Trainer, Anthony Beardsell
  • Comprehensive training manuals
  • Your own NLP Trainers training package to enable you to run your new business from the day that you complete your training. Presentations & manuals for you to brand with your company logo.

What you need in order to take the training

  • A hunger and a thirst for learning
  • A computer with internet connection
  • A webcam
  • Email address (for your free account)

How long does the course take? 

You can expect for the course to take you 80 – 130 hours (depending on experience) in total including assessment and certification.

There is no deadline for completion of the course and you have 24/7 access to the training course material for as long as you require it (lifetime of the website).

Certification Requirements

  • Completion of the various self reflection exercises. Using self reflection exercises you will  report to us on your learning, this will enable you to integrate your learning and it enables us to monitor your progress through your course.
  • 2 x successful 30 minute presentations
  • Successful completion of a written Content Integration Test
  • Successful demonstration of an NLP technique

Certification is optional and there is no additional fee for certification. Certification is granted upon successful completion of all of the above criteria.

Course fees

Special discounted rate. International NLP Trainers Training course  £3,700  £1199 (including certification) .

If you have not already gained your NLP Practitioner and NLP Master Practitioner qualifications and wish to do so, then we also offer a superb 3-in-one NLP Masters and Trainer package, which includes the NLP Practitioner, NLP Master Practitioner and NLP Trainers Training Courses. This course should be £8,380current promotional offer, just £1,899 (including 5 certifications).

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Thank you so much for guiding me through this course and for your helpful feedback.

My original objective was to complete my journey to become a certified NLP trainer. I had wanted to do this since 2007 when I did my Master Practitioner training. I wasn’t sure what the course content was going to be.

Anthony, you have put together an amazing resource. I was able to pace my learning and take each module numerous times. I also had lots of time for background reading. I much prefer this format to attending a face-to-face course, and your feedback is very supportive and helpful.

I don’t think I can select a few tools and say that they are the most valuable – all of the tools are great, and they layer on each other/complement each other. They form an interdependent set.

I have all kinds of ideas of how to apply these tools to my life and work ☺ I ran across some technical limitations with my current video setup when recording my presentations, and I’m going to invest in some more equipment – better green screen lighting, and a radio Lav MIC to facilitate filming me when I am standing.

As mentioned before, I’m going to set up communication skills courses for healthcare professionals and my clients in the pharmaceutical industry.

Thank you for giving me ongoing access to all of the course content – I am going to continue to retake various modules.

Anthony, I am so glad that I did this International NLP trainer course with you. You are a great mentor, and I have learned lots from you. You are true to your word about how to give feedback – and do a fantastic job.

Bruce D. - Canada