The NLP Parts Integration is a very powerful NLP technique that induces change in another person.

How to overcome negative emotions and produce better behaviour in one simple technique

Maybe you have heard someone say, “I do …….(a behaviour)…., I don’t know why I do it, there is just a part of me that makes me do it.”   Have you ever heard that? Eg “There is a part of me that gets really frustrated with…”

This NLP technique works for helping people overcome negative emotions, such as anger,sadness, fear, hurt, and guilt amongst other things.

It is quite common, for “parts” to seemingly appear in people’s lives. This process reintegrates the part with the whole and results in improved behaviour.

The technique uses language to induce a light trance, a light form of Hypnosis, this allows the NLP Practitioner to access the unconscious part of the clients brain, where work is done to change thought processes. The results are consistent improved behaviour.

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