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Coaching Training Course – Life Coaching & Business coaching

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International Coaching certification training course – online

Thank you ever so much for all of these powerful techniques, learnings and the new awareness you have brought to me from this – You have helped me to become even more motivated and driven to build my business as much as I can to really help change the world. Thank you.

James T - New York
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Coaching Training Course – Places Remaining

International Coaching certification training course – online:

  • Train to be a Coach. Coaching Training Course – Life Coaching & Business coaching
  • Get 10 internationally recognised and professional Coaching related qualifications from this course:
    1. Certifed Life Coach or Certified Business Coach (your choice)
    2. “NLPEA Transformation Coach”™
    3. NLP Practitioner
    4. NLP Coach
    5. NLP Master Practitioner
    6. NLP Master Coach
    7. NLP Timelines Practitioner
    8. Hypnosis Practitioner
    9. NLP Timelines Master Practitioner
    10. Master Hypnosis Practitioner
Life coach & business coach accreditation

International Life Coaching/Business Coaching course

I’m very glad to have invested in this course! It is very informative, detailed and it’s quite easy to understand (including for me as a non-native English speaker). The course is so massive and on point (no beating around the bush) that it may require revisiting it a couple of times to fully grasp it.

This wonderful course is full of interesting topics, concepts, techniques/exercises, ideas, and information that can change your life, presented in an easy-to-understand form. This course will challenge and stretch you, especially the second part (NLP Master Practitioner).
A great plus is that you can decide your own study pace.

Mr. Beardsell himself is an intelligent, flexible, patient, honest and fair tutor.
He takes his work seriously and he cares about your competence as his student, because he carefully reads all your self-reflections and gives his honest/unbiased feedback. You will feel that your work is judged properly (enough = enough; not enough = more work to be done). If he gives you a “thumbs up” – you know you deserved it!

That to me signifies quality, professionalism and reliability.I would highly recommend this course! Fantastic value for the money invested!

Vadim – Netherlands


  • Learn to combine NLP and the art of coaching
  • Ideal for learning the skills for Life Coaching, Business Coaching, Executive Coaching

Open to students globally. No entry requirements or experience required.

This intensive and tutor sponsored online coaching training course provides accreditation and skills for coaches in all areas.

  • Your trainer on the course is Anthony Beardsell – Master Trainer of NLP and Executive Coach
  • This course is accredited by the NLPEA and provides Coach Related Training Hours as required by coaching membership organisations like the ICF.
  • 120- 260 hours of study (dependant on experience).
  • Free Tutorial Support and access to supporting webinars. Videos, Audios, Exercises, Demos, Course Manuals.
  • Start your coaching training with us today.

Starting a coaching business or looking to develop your coaching skills?

Working with other people to enable them to achieve their goals is one of the most rewarding things that an individual can do in life.

Learn all the skills that you need to be an effective coach. This course is for you. More Info>>>

Coaching Training - online at Excellence Assured

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