Premium Leadership Development Programme

//Premium Leadership Development Programme

Premium Leadership Development Programme

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Complete Leadership Development Programme. Game Changing Leadership course + Leadership Development course, two courses, one package.


Game Changing Leadership Course

Game Changing Leadership online training course

Leadership Development Course

Leadership Development online training course

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This Leadership training is suitable for all levels. The aim of the course is to develop your emotional intelligence in relation to your leadership.

Whether you are a chief executive, a salesperson, a postroom worker, a cleaner, a middle manager, or if you work for yourself, the level of emotional intelligence that you possess is likely to be the biggest single factor to your leadership ability.

The course focusses on developing these five areas: Self Awareness, self regulation, empathy, motivation and social skills. In essence we are going to enable you to better understand yourself, how you produce your behaviour, how you influence, how you impact other people and we are going to help you better understand what makes other people tick.

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