Leadership DevelopmentInternational Leadership Certification Training Courses delivered to you online.

Inspiring your leadership, success and growth. Our leadership training courses combine personal development, professional development and knowledge from neuroscience to give you a complete leadership development programme.

Leadership training online with international leadership coach, Anthony Beardsell

Aims of our Leadership Development Training

  • Gain new insights, new skills and new knowledge, become a more competent and confident manager or develop your management potential.
  • Enhance your ability to lead sensitively, effectively, skillfully and responsibly with or without formal authority.
  • Develop clear aims and plans for your ongoing personal and professional development.
  • Learn how to stay focused on creating and delivering value, grounded in long-term purpose and working towards achieving your potential.

Who is this training suitable for?

Business leaders present and future – Modern day leadership 

Leadership in todays business environment is somewhat of a juggling act. Todays leaders are required to deal with increasing pressure and greater visibility. They are required to deliver greater predictability and change at the same time. They are asked to act decisively and inclusively, to take a stance but take into account the values and needs of a diverse set of constituencies. They are required to be self confident but also to question themselves.

We believe that the sheer cognitive complexity and emotional intensity that leaders operate in today mean that in combination with traditional leadership theory and skills, they need a deeper and broader training programme, one that helps individuals better understand their inner world, the fact that who they are influences what they do. This is the basis on which we have developed this leadership development programme.

Anyone looking to better themselves and improve their results – Universal Leadership

One of the false assumptions that people make about leadership is that you need to have the authority to lead. This is untrue, anyone can develop leadership and start leading themselves and others towards a better future.  We believe that leadership is an attitude and set of skills that everyone can employ in their life and in their work.

For businesses, your single best opportunity for competitive advantage is to develop leadership throughout your organisation.

This is an online leadership development programme suitable for all levels.  We believe that leadership is a way of thinking, a way of behaving that will enhance all lives. If you are a chief executive, a post room worker, a cleaner, a middle manager, there are ways of thinking, mindsets and ways of behaving that are traits of great leaders. You can employ them in your life, in your work and get the benefits for you, your organisation and your community.

What is the format of this leadership training? How is the material presented?

We offer three leadership training courses:

Our e-Learning portal

Our leadership training courses are online courses. We use a Learning Management System (LMS), which is an online e-Learning portal, to present the training courses to you.

Your trainer and coach – Anthony Beardsell

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The courses are made up of a series of video modules with supporting PDF manuals. Anthony Beardsell is your leadership coach for the duration of the training programme, he will guide you and coach you through all of the material on the course using highly entertaining visual animations, live demonstration and exercises. This ensures that you learn in a way that suits you and you are able to integrate the training into your life and workplace.

24/7 unlimited access to your training

One of the disadvantages to live, attended training courses other than the expense is that we humans have poor long term memory. This means that we forget most of the training before we get a chance to implement it. With our online training you have access to the training material 24/7 and for as long as you want it. This enables you to keep the training material fresh in your mind and to revisit sections of the training as and when you need a refresher or you want to implement suggestions and techniques.  In addition you are able to study where and when suits you.

Ask a question or request a brochure

There is much more information on our leadership courses below.

Do you have any questions about any of our Leadership Training Courses? We would love to hear from you. Please ask us a question. We will endeavour to reply within 24 hours.

Which course interests you?

1) Game changing leadership – Leadership Training Course

Course contents:

Online video material.

Game Changing Leadership Training Course

  • Universal Leadership
  • Fear, Courage and responsibility
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Fear of the unknown – Comfort Zone
  • New Model of Leadership
  • The Five Principles of Leadership
  • Connect with people – build great relationships
  • Be exquisite in execution
  • Self Leadership
  • Developing your Legacy
  • Developing your vision
  • 7 sins of ordinary leaders
  • Your Compelling Obsession.
  • Hidden beliefs of a world class business mindset
  • 8 secrets of an unbeatable mindset
  • 7 ideas from geniuses for boosting your creativity
  • Leadership tactics for world class productivity

Your investment

Game Changing Leadership Training Course = £394.80 £99.00

Full details of our Game Changing Leadership Training Course

2) Leadership Development Training Course

Course contents:

Designed to improve the key ingredients to your leadership skills, your emotional intelligence.

Game Changing Leadership Training Course

Self Awareness

  • How you create your reality
  • Deletion, distortion and generalisations that we make
  • Visualisation and the mind body relationship
  • Understanding your thoughts and how to get them the way that you want them
  • Developing values that support your leadership

Self Regulation

  • How to create an empowering state of mind instantly
  • How to set up triggers which will automatically produce a positive emotion
  • Creating thinking strategies for greatness


  • Setting and achieving compelling goals and objectives
  • Understanding how to motivate and develop others


  • Developing your sensory awareness
  • Taking different perceptual positions
  • Understanding personalities
  • Understanding people’s values and thinking systems to develop your communication excellence

Social Skills

  • How to consistently build rapport
  • Understanding and recognising preferences for using different senses

Your investment

Leadership Development Training course = £658.80

Full details of our Leadership Development Training Course

3) ***Premium Leadership Development Combination Programme (Includes both Leadership Courses 1&2 above) ***

Game Changing Leadership Training Course
Including both our Game Changing Leadership – Training Course and Leadership Development Training Course as described above. A complete leadership development training programme.

Your investment

Premium Online Leadership Development Programme = £838.80 £679.00

(Prices quoted per delegate. Overseas students pay GBP equivalent)

Leadership Training Online – Immediate access

Once you have selected your course and made your investment you will be provided with your login. You access your online leadership development via our e-learning portal.

You will have 24/7 access to your course for the lifetime of the website, so there is no deadline for completion. You study where and when suits you.

Should you wish to compliment your training with some leadership coaching, then we would be delighted to assist. Please inform us upon registration.

Tutorial Support

Whilst this course is designed for self study and it is anticipated that you will not require any additional input from us, we will provide you with email support for your programme so that you may ask any questions if they arise.

Multiple Delegates?

If you wish to provide the course for a number of delegates, then we would be pleased to accommodate.

We offer a discount of 10% per delegate for 10+ registrations and a total discount of 20%  per delegate for 50+ registrations.

If required we can enable you to have your own, in-company tutor/course supervisor so that you are able to monitor your delegates progress and set tests.

I want to go ahead, how do I proceed?

You can make your investment online using your debit/credit card or PayPal account.

Alternatively you can pay by bank transfer/BACS, please click the button below, complete the registration form and we will supply you with our bank details and a company invoice if required.