NLP Circuitry Clearing


This is a process for unwiring a synesthesia. It is covered in during our NLP training in the area of NLP strategies.

Circuitry clearing is an NLP process for changing your repeated unwanted behaviour in a certain area of your life

  • Ask the client to think of a person that they get a bad reaction/feeling about every time they see them.
  • Ask the client to turn down the feeling so it is not too severe – just like using a dimmer switch.
  • You, the coach standing and the client seated ask them to imagine a small version of that person standing on our hand.
  • Then move your hand out to one of the six eye accessing cue points and ask the client to follow our hand movement to the extremity of their eye movement, using only their eyes and without moving their head.
  • Move your hand back to the starting position and then going either clockwise or anti-clockwise back out on to the next position, this is to be done for all the points and maybe for a two or three revolutions, as required.
  • Whilst you are doing this watch for the smoothness of the client’s eye movements, if there is any hint of blinking or hesitation go back to that point again until smooth movement is noticed.
  • When you get back to the start position metaphorically chuck that “old feeling” over your shoulder.
  • Then break state and calibrate the effect of the exercise by asking the client on a scale of 1 – 10 what their reaction/feeling is about that person now. If required the process could be repeated until a satisfactory result is achieved.