NLP Swish Pattern

The NLP swish pattern involves replacing one Internal Representation with another.  A process that enables an old, unresourceful state or undesired behaviour to cause or trigger a new resourceful state and desired behaviour.

eg You can’t get motivated to do something. Desired state=motivated.  Undesired State=Procrastination

This is part of the NLP submodalites series and is at NLP Practitioner training level.  Train to be an NLP Practitioner with Excellence Assured.  You can train now online at our NLP training online e-Learning centre

Swish Pattern Process

  • Build rapport
  • Get the picture for the present undesired state
  • Get the picture for the desired state (who you would like to be instead/what you would like to feel instead)
  • Change the visual intensity of the desired state submodalities for the most real or +ve kinesthetic
  • Bring back the old picture. Step into it.
  • Put a small dark picture of the desired state in the lower left hand corner of the screen.
  • Simultaneously make the picture of the current state rapidly shrink and recede to a distant point while the dark picture explodes into full view. Hand movement by the practitioner moves up from bottom left of the client with the dark picture, accompanied by a Swish sound. Speed is important.
  • Clear the screen
  • Repeat previous step a minimum of five times.
  • Test
  • Future Pace

NLP Swish Pattern Video Demo – Free Video

NLP Swish Pattern



Swish pattern is commonly used to create momentum towards a compelling future and/or give choices for a new way of life rather than removal of old habits.

Our delegates tell us that this is one of the most fun NLP processes of all to learn. We train this process at our NLP Practitioner Training Courses.