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Ant’s Gold Trading System

Original price was: £2,999.00.Current price is: £999.00.

The product of 10 years research and refinement – Ant’s Gold is called ‘Ant’s Gold’ for a reason! This is trading Gold, a complete actionable system for Day Trading.

Series of clear and actionable Videos

Trained and Supported by Anthony Beardsell – “All Star” Trader

Time to take your trading seriously? This is your gateway to the markets!


AT LAST!! Your very own Trading system  For life in the markets – yours for life

Learn a unique and time-tested system for trading. Developed by Anthony Beardsell, Ant’s Gold is designed for use on any timeframe, any market.

What will this trading system give you?

  • Ant’s whole trading system – Start to finish
  • Defined set ups for trading
  • Entry and exit triggers
  • Stop-loss levels depending on the trade type
  • Profit-take levels – working alongside your stop-loss to give you the right Reward:Risk ratioAnt's Gold Trading System - Trading Gold

Day Trading Course - Box Small

What you get in the course

This course is mentored and tutored by Anthony Beardsell, you will have access to Anthonys’ expertise to enable you to get the very best out of the training.

You will have no limit access to a series of private videos, guided by Anthony, that will teach you the system.

Video coaching by Anthony is also available to students on the course to enable you to have the system working for your style of trading.

With this course you also get enrolled into our Day Trading course

Day Trading Course

For extra value, when you enrol onto Ant’s Gold Trading System course you also get enrolled onto our Day Trading Course. This makes it the perfect package for traders of any standard.

Our Day Trading course provides the foundations, this Gold System provides you with an actionable trading plan on any market with sufficient volume.

See the system working – Trades in the videos below were taken using Ant’s Gold:

Day Trading the open for 6% gain in 5 mins

Tested on 100s of markets and over 10,000 charts. This is trading gold!!

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