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Day Trading Course | Day Trading & Swing Trading

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Day Trading & Swing Trading Training Course – online

A comprehensive guide to day trading and swing trading for a living – how to become a consistently profitable trader.

Systems, Strategies and Methods used by top traders and course tutor Anthony Beardsell, for trading stocks, forex and commodities.

  • Study our Day Trading course from home.
  • No course deadlines.
  • Master Trader support.
  • 70+ Streaming videos providing details for every step of your way to consistently profitable.
  • Includes easy to follow strategies that you can use right away in day trading and swing trading.
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Day Trading Course - Box SmallThis day trading course is ideal for beginner traders or traders looking for the last few pieces of the jigsaw. We provide you with a comprehensive guide to trading and help you build the skills to become a successful trader.

The course includes systems and strategies for spending 20 minutes to 24 hours per day trading. Learn specific strategies used to trade stocks and Forex markets on the 1 minute, 5 minute, 1 hour and daily timeframes.

Looking to trade for a living or trade part-time whilst working and boost your capital or income?This online day trading course (and Swing trading) will be the ideal educational partner for you.

There is no one single thing that creates a consistently profitable trader, it is a build up of skills and knowledge – it is our aim to provide you with the knowledge and skills to become a consistently profitable trader.



This course is designed to take you from beginner to professional standard trader. Consider our course as an A to Z of how to trade.

Inside our course we have 70+ MP4 videos to share with you. Each video has been handcrafted for you over one and a half years to provide you with the highest quality of training material.

Course Structure – The course is structured to build your knowledge of trading from zero to professional.
Sequenced videos – Follow the many videos on the course in sequence and build your trading skills step by step.

Your day trading & swing trading course trainer is Anthony Beardaell. Anthony day trades Forex and Stocks daily and shares with you the trading systems and money management systems that he uses in his own trading.

Course Duration

You will have no deadlines on this course. All the resources are online and the learning is self paced. You study in your own time.

Expect your study time to depend on your experience in trading, however 60 hours of study would be about average.

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Feel free to ask any question that you may have on this Day Trading course using the form below.

The Day Trading Course content & video modules

An introduction to trading and the markets

Course Introduction

  • Trading Magic – Learn the skills that have made the market magicians and elite trading professionals super rich
  • Market Basics – How markets operate at a basic level
  • Bulls & Bears – An introduction to the market participants
  • Market Sentiment & Market Swings – How sentiment drives the markets and bull and bear swings
  • Momentum, Expectation & Probability – The key elements that move price and create trading opportunities
  • Flip of the Coin – Understanding the difference between trading & gambling
  • Tiddlywinks – A practical example of how emotion, confidence, momentum and probability interact

Prepare to trade

  • Market Creation – How markets are created
  • High Probability Trading – Learn the key elements for high probability trading
  • Finding a Broker – Starting to Trade – The key elements to look for in finding a suitable broker
  • How do I make money from the markets – You may have wondered…we answer this key question
  • The Traders Equation – Key Skill – How to ensure that you have a positive traders equation for each trade
  • Probability – How to work out the probability of a successful trade
  • Setting up your charts – Which key elements to include in your price charts
  • Traders Edge – Learn how to create your own “traders edge”
  • The Game of Trading – How to interpret the rules in the game of trading

Trading Candlesticks

  • Candlesticks Tutorial – This day trading course offers a comprehensive tutorial on trading candlesticks in a live market
  • Trend Bars or Range Bars – Start to correctly judge future price action by understanding the difference between trend bars and trading range bars.
  • Doji Candlesticks – Recognising & trading Doji Candlesticks
  • Hammer Candlesticks – Recognising & trading Hammer Candlesticks
  • Shooting Star Candlesticks – Recognising & trading Shooting Star Candlesticks
  • Piercing Patterns – Recognising & trading Piercing Patterns
  • Engulfing Candlesticks – Recognising & trading Engulfing Candlesticks
  • Harami Candlestick Pattern – Recognising & trading Harami Candlestick Patterns
  • Pin Bar Candlesticks – Recognising & trading Pin Bar Candlesticks
  • Morning & Evening Star Candlesticks – Recognising & trading Morning Star & Evening Star Candlesticks
  • Inside Bars – Learn to spot these key Inside Bar reversal candlesticks
  • Outside Bars – Recognising & trading Outside Bar candlesticks
  • Inside Outside Inside Bars – Recognising & trading this key candlestick pattern
  • Bull & Bear Traps – See a bull or a bear trap forming and capitalise

Support and Resistance & Trendlines

  • Why use Support & Resistance – How to judge important Support & Resistance levels
  • Support & Resistance in Trading – How to trade using Support & Resistance
  • Trends & Trendlines – Learn the importance in identifying when the market is trending
  • Drawing Trendlines – How trading professionals draw trendlines on their charts. Learn to use this method

The most important Trading Indicators

  • Trading Indicators – Which trading indicators to use and how to use them
  • Stochastic – Understand and use the Stochastic trading indicator
  • Moving Averages – Understand and use exponential and simple moving averages
  • MACD Indicator – Understand and use the MACD trading indicator
  • Pivot Points – Understand and use Pivot Points in trading
  • Bollinger Bands – Understand and use the Bollinger Bands trading indicator
  • Relative Strength Index (RSI) – Understand and use the Relative Strength Index trading indicator

The most effective chart patterns in trading

  • Trading Chart Patterns – Chart patterns are a key element in professional trading strategies
  • Flags & Pennants – How to Identify and trade the Flag & Pennant chart patterns
  • Head & Shoulders – How to Identify and trade the Head and Shoulders chart pattern
  • Double Tops & Bottoms – How to Identify and trade the Double Tops & Double Bottoms chart patterns
  • Pipe Tops & Bottoms – How to Identify and trade the Pipe Tops & Pipe Bottoms chart patterns
  • Inverted & Ascending Scallops – How to Identify and trade the Inverted & Ascending Scallops chart pattern
  • Three Rising Valleys – How to Identify and trade the Three Rising Valleys chart pattern
  • Descending Triangles – How to Identify and trade the Descending Triangles chart pattern
  • Ascending & Symmetrical Triangles – How to Identify and trade the Ascending & Symmetrical chart patterns
  • Ascending Broadening Wedges – How to Identify and trade the Ascending Broadening Wedge chart pattern
  • Broadening Tops & Bottoms – How to Identify and trade the Broadening Tops & Bottoms chart patterns
  • Descending Broadening Wedge – How to Identify and trade the Descending Broadening Wedge chart patterns
  • Right-Angled Broadening Wedges – How to Identify and trade the Right-Angled Broadening Wedge chart patterns
  • Rounding Bottoms – How to Identify and trade the Rounding Bottoms chart pattern
  • Measured Moves – How to Identify and trade Measured Moves

Combining your new trading skills into a profitable system

  • Putting it all together – How to apply your new trading skills in live markets
  • How much money do I need to trade? – How much capital you need to trade. What position size to trade. What risk level to take
  • Trading Opportunities – How to spot trading opportunities and how to develop a trading style that suits you
  • Entering Trades – How to enter trades and set your stops and targets
  • Trading Timeframes – Which trading timeframe to choose to suit your lifestyle and objectives

Advanced Price Action Trading Techniques

  • Five Phases of a Trend – How to identify the 5 phases of a trend
  • Two Legged Moves – Learn how to spot and trade two legged moves in the market
  • Trade Types – How to trade the difference market cycles – Breakouts, pullbacks, momentum, reversals, trading ranges
  • Measuring Gaps – Identify measuring gaps in the market
  • Entry & Exit Techniques – Learn the techniques that professional and institutional traders use to enter and exit trades. Stop orders, Limit orders, At The Market entries
  • Scaling In – How to scale into and out of trades – advanced trading

Off-the-shelf – Indicator Based Trading Systems for immediate use

  • Bollinger Band Breakout System – A high probability trading system with frequent signals
  • Stochastic 3 Period System – Take advantage of the strongest phases of market action with this high probability system.
  • How to trade the 5 minute timeframe – trend continuation and breakout system
  • Daily Timeframe – fakeout trading system
  • 1 hour timeframe engulfing trading system

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