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Day Trading Course | Day Trading & Swing Trading

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Day Trading & Swing Trading Training Course – online

A comprehensive guide to trading for a living – how to become a consistently profitable trader.

Methods for trading stocks, forex and commodities.

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Day Trading Course – Day Trading & Swing Trading presented by:

 Anthony Beardsell & Excellence Assured Trading Academy

  • Learn how to trade
  • Discover the hidden secrets of mega-successful traders
  • Designed to take you from beginner to professional trader
  • Trading systems that you can use right away
  • A complete guide to trading using technical analysis
  • Study online
  • Access to Excellence Assured Trading Academy
  • Tutorial support. Feedback & review.

Learn from course trainer & master trader Anthony Beardsell.

Consistently profitable trading

There is no one single thing that creates a consistently profitable trader, it is a build up of skills and knowledge – it is our aim to provide you with the knowledge and skills to become a consistently profitable trader.

Handcrafted Day Trading course

This course has been handcrafted for you over one and a half years to provide you with the highest quality of training material.

Course Structure – (70+) MP4 videos

The course is structured to build your knowledge of trading from zero to professional. Sequenced videos – Follow the many videos on the course in sequence and build your trading skills.

Access to your own personal trading tutor – Your tutor will offer a “review and feedback” session at the end of the course to help you embed the training successfully into your trading.

Day Trading Course Content – Day Trading & Swing Trading

The Course Video Modules

An introduction to trading and the markets

  • Course Introduction
  • Trading Magic – Learn the skills that have made the market magicians and elite trading professionals super rich
  • Market Basics – How markets operate at a basic level
  • Bulls & Bears – An introduction to the market participants
  • Market Sentiment & Market Swings – How sentiment drives the markets and bull and bear swings
  • Momentum, Expectation & Probability – The key elements that move price and create trading opportunities
  • Flip of the Coin – Understanding the difference between trading & gambling
  • Tiddlywinks – A practical example of how emotion, confidence, momentum and probability interact

Prepare to trade – day trading course

  • Market Creation – How markets are created
  • High Probability Trading – Learn the key elements for high probability trading
  • Finding a Broker – Starting to Trade – The key elements to look for in finding a suitable broker
  • How do I make money from the markets – You may have wondered…we answer this key question
  • The Traders Equation – Key Skill – How to ensure that you have a positive traders equation for each trade
  • Probability – How to work out the probability of a successful trade
  • Setting up your charts – Which key elements to include in your price charts
  • Traders Edge – Learn how to create your own “traders edge”
  • The Game of Trading – How to interpret the rules in the game of trading

Trading Candlesticks

  • Candlesticks Tutorial – Comprehensive tutorial on trading candlesticks in a live market
  • Trend Bars or Range Bars – Start to correctly judge future price action by understanding the difference between trend bars and trading range bars.
  • Doji Candlesticks – Recognising & trading Doji Candlesticks
  • Hammer Candlesticks – Recognising & trading Hammer Candlesticks
  • Shooting Star Candlesticks – Recognising & trading Shooting Star Candlesticks
  • Piercing Patterns – Recognising & trading Piercing Patterns
  • Engulfing Candlesticks – Recognising & trading Engulfing Candlesticks
  • Harami Candlestick Pattern – Recognising & trading Harami Candlestick Patterns
  • Pin Bar Candlesticks – Recognising & trading Pin Bar Candlesticks
  • Morning & Evening Star Candlesticks – Recognising & trading Morning Star & Evening Star Candlesticks
  • Inside Bars – Learn to spot these key Inside Bar reversal candlesticks
  • Outside Bars – Recognising & trading Outside Bar candlesticks
  • Inside Outside Inside Bars – Recognising & trading this key candlestick pattern
  • Bull & Bear Traps – See a bull or a bear trap forming and capitalise

Support and Resistance & Trendlines

  • Why use Support & Resistance – How to judge important Support & Resistance levels
  • Support & Resistance in Trading – How to trade using Support & Resistance
  • Trends & Trendlines – Learn the importance in identifying when the market is trending
  • Drawing Trendlines – How trading professionals draw trendlines on their charts. Learn to use this method

The most important Trading Indicators

  • Trading Indicators – Which trading indicators to use and how to use them
  • Stochastic – Understand and use the Stochastic trading indicator
  • Moving Averages – Understand and use exponential and simple moving averages
  • MACD Indicator – Understand and use the MACD trading indicator
  • Pivot Points – Understand and use Pivot Points in trading
  • Bollinger Bands – Understand and use the Bollinger Bands trading indicator
  • Relative Strength Index (RSI) – Understand and use the Relative Strength Index trading indicator

The most effective chart patterns in trading

  • Trading Chart Patterns – Chart patterns are a key element in professional trading strategies
  • Flags & Pennants – How to Identify and trade the Flag & Pennant chart patterns
  • Head & Shoulders  – How to Identify and trade the Head and Shoulders chart pattern
  • Double Tops & Bottoms – How to Identify and trade the Double Tops & Double Bottoms chart patterns
  • Pipe Tops & Bottoms – How to Identify and trade the Pipe Tops & Pipe Bottoms chart patterns
  • Inverted & Ascending Scallops – How to Identify and trade the Inverted & Ascending Scallops chart pattern
  • Three Rising Valleys – How to Identify and trade the Three Rising Valleys chart pattern
  • Descending Triangles – How to Identify and trade the Descending Triangles chart pattern
  • Ascending & Symmetrical Triangles – How to Identify and trade the Ascending & Symmetrical chart patterns
  • Ascending Broadening Wedges – How to Identify and trade the Ascending Broadening Wedge chart pattern
  • Broadening Tops & Bottoms – How to Identify and trade the Broadening Tops & Bottoms chart patterns
  • Descending Broadening Wedge – How to Identify and trade the Descending Broadening Wedge chart patterns
  • Right-Angled Broadening Wedges – How to Identify and trade the Right-Angled Broadening Wedge chart patterns
  • Rounding Bottoms – How to Identify and trade the Rounding Bottoms chart pattern
  • Measured Moves – How to Identify and trade Measured Moves

Combining your new trading skills into a profitable system

  • Putting it all together – How to apply your new trading skills in live markets
  • How much money do I need to trade? – How much capital you need to trade. What position size to trade. What risk level to take
  • Trading Opportunities – How to spot trading opportunities and how to develop a trading style that suits you
  • Entering Trades – How to enter trades and set your stops and targets
  • Trading Timeframes – Which trading timeframe to choose to suit your lifestyle and objectives

Advanced Price Action Trading Techniques

  • Five Phases of a Trend – How to identify the 5 phases of a trend
  • Two Legged Moves – Learn how to spot and trade two legged moves in the market
  • Trade Types – How to trade the difference market cycles – Breakouts, pullbacks, momentum, reversals, trading ranges
  • Measuring Gaps – Identify measuring gaps in the market
  • Entry & Exit Techniques – Learn the techniques that professional and institutional traders use to enter and exit trades. Stop orders, Limit orders, At The Market entries
  • Scaling In – How to scale into and out of trades – advanced trading

Off-the-shelf – Indicator Based Trading Systems

  • Bollinger Band Breakout System – A high probability trading system with frequent signals
  • Stochastic 3 Period System – Take advantage of the strongest phases of market action with this high probability system.

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