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Forex Training Course – Learn to trade Forex, systems & strategies

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Forex Training Course for beginners and intermediate traders

  • A structured and comprehensive training course in Forex Trading.
  • Learn to trade Forex for a living – provides a complete Forex trading career package
  • Systems and Strategies used by course instructor and tutor, Anthony Beardsell & other top traders to trade 1 minute to weekly timeframes.
  • This course is delivered by online video modules (20 hours) and supporting literature.
  • Available internationally.
  • 24/7 course access via unique online course login.
  • Start Today!
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Forex Training Course for beginners and intermediate traders

Learn to trade Forex and currencies with our comprehensive and structured Forex Training Course.

  • 70+ Video Modules & supporting literature – 20 hours
  • Strategies for trading 1 minute – weekly timeframes
  • Techniques for scaling and swing trading – from 30 minutes a day

If your dream is to work part-time or full-time trading Forex and making a living from the markets then you need a good education behind you and this is the course for you.

Every day many billions of dollars are traded in the Forex markets. Every second of the day offers opportunity for home based traders to take a slice of the profits generated in these exciting and challenging markets.

This day and age of fast internet connections and links directly to the trading floors from any computer or digital device, anywhere in the world offers unprecedented opportunity for the likes of you and I to get involved in the world of Forex trading.

It is our pleasure to bring this opportunity to life for you with our online Forex training course. Take this opportunity to live your dreams and join us to today.



Forex Trading – It is a lifestyle thing for us

In terms of Trading, what is your dream?Forex Trading Course - Product Box

  • Want to spend more time with your family?
  • Generate an additional income?
  • Work less and earn more?
  • Work from home with no boss?
  • Make a good, honest living from trading whilst having the time to indulge in order passions?
  • Make millions and sail around the world on you own private yacht?
  • Boost your pension income or savings capital?

All of these things, no matter how modest or extravagant have been achieved by successful Forex traders who started out with a dream similar to yours.

The degree to which you are likely to be successful in Forex trading depends on the education that you receive and your own dedication to your dreams. 

Our aim with our Forex trading course is to provide you with the education that you need to begin to transform your dream to reality.

What you will get from our Forex training course

This course is designed for beginner traders and traders who have done some trading but need to boost their knowledge and skills to take their trading to the next level.

Ideal training for beginner Forex traders – We assume that you know nothing and will reveal the world of trading to you bit by bit in a structured fashion so that you build your knowledge from the ground upwards.

Streaming online videos – As the course is presented to you via online video modules you can start anywhere on the course, and view the modules as many times as you like so that you can focus on developing an expertise in one or more areas that appeal to you.

Comprehensively useful – Many traders taking our Forex course who have some previous experience of trading have found that even the beginning modules of the course reveal invaluable secrets that they wished they had known about earlier!

All major topics in Forex trading covered – We do not know which areas of trading you may be most interested in and which style of trading may suit your personality best, so we decided to cover everything in detail.

Learn the Three “Cs” – Context, Content and Confluence

Learn about Context – how to draw support and resistance levels, zones and trendlines. How to define and identify trends and trading ranges.

Learn about Content – we will teach you how to read candlestick patterns so that you can understand the content of Forex price changes. Learn how to identify and trade chart pattens like double tops and bottoms, wedges, triangles, and head and shoulders.

Learn about Confluence – how to use technical indicators, like MACD, RSI, Stochastic to confirm or provide confluence for possible trading opportunities.

Risk and Money Management in Forex

Money Management – We will teach you how to design a trading system that suits your personality and your budget. How to build a small trading account.

Risk Management – Almost all profitable traders consider themselves risk managers. This is probably the biggest single skill that a trader can have. We give you comprehensive instruction on how to identify good risk and reward trading opportunities and how to take trades with a good mathematical traders equation – which is what you need in order to make money consistently.

Forex Trading systems that you can use right away

EURUSD - Trading the 5 minute timeframe - Book

Get our Trading book EURUSD – Trading the 5 minute timeframe – FREE here

We conclude the course with a number of trading systems that you can use straight after your forex training. We provide you with specific criteria for trade entries, exits, profit taking and loss limits.

Forex markets are open 24/7 five days a week. Once you complete your education with us then seize your opportunity and live your dream – the world of Forex is waiting for you!

How long does the Forex training take?

There is no time limit on your access to the course. Even when you have completed your training you will continue to have access to the course training modules so that you can go back from time to time to consolidate your knowledge and refine your systems.

You can expect the course to take you about 50 hours of study before you are ready to trade. Many more hours of practice are recommended and our training will accompany you through this practice period.

Trading Instructor

The course instructor is Anthony Beardsell. Anthony is a Master Trader and Coach. He will be available to answer any questions that you may have throughout your course and to help you to finalise your trading plan at the end of the course.

Anthony has spent over twenty years working in financial markets, now he specialises in day trading and longer timeframe trading forex, currencies, indices and stocks.

Take this training course today for a HUGE discount & Free Add-on Course

You can start your training now. Complete your registration and investment for this course online and we will get you started right away.

Limited offer – Join us on our forex training course today and we will also enrol you onto our Mindfulness training course. This training has been widely adopted by the professional trading industry to help with the emotional side of trading – we think that you will find it highly useful. 

Have any questions? Our master trader & coach, Anthony Beardsell will respond to you personally. Please leave us a message below with questions on our Forex Training Course.

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