More and more people are choosing to take trainings to become a full-time or a part-time coach.  So why would you consider to become a professional coach?

Coaching as a skill is accessible to all

Coaching is more about how things are done rather than what is done.

How did you learn to walk? Did your mother or father teach you where to put your feet and teach you what to do to get up off the floor? We all have a built-in learning capability which is interrupted when we are instructed to do something.

Coaching is helping people to learn and to improve rather than teaching them. A coach will unlock someone’s potential to maximise their own performance.

The key is that a good coach needs to be an expert in coaching but not in the specific area of speciality that they are coaching in.

Eg. A good coach can coach a business leader to realise their potential within that business without the need to have any expertise in that particular business.

The same coach can help a professional golfer achieve their potential without having a specific speciality in coaching golfers.

It is about how we do it not what we do and therefore no matter what your background, you can become a successful coach.

Business needs coaches!

The world of business is finally recognising that employing a professional coach can actually add money to the bottom line rather than be a luxury, a ‘nice to have.’

Think of someone that is really successful in your line of work.  What would you say are their best attributes?

Have you thought of them?

Do they have great self belief? Self confidence? Are they motivated?  Do they appear to have a good work-life balance? Do they enjoy what they do? Do they seem purposeful?

These are all products of coaching. If you employ a coach, then you can expect them to add value to you in terms of each of these attributes.

Stop for a moment and imagine that you have employed a coach to work with you and successfully completed a series of coaching sessions. You have emerged with great self belief, lots of self confidence, you feel motivated, you have worked out a great work-life balance, you are loving what you do and you have a clear purpose for life.

How does that feel? How is your world looking?

With this hat on could you see yourself earning more money?  Could you see yourself being more effective in your work? Could you see how your business might be positively effected?

I charge £250 per hour for my coaching and I am completely certain that with a series of, say, six sessions I can add significantly more value to a business and an individual than my fee.   The cost of my coaching is therefore effectively free!

As businesses and organisations begin to realise that coaching adds value and that it is a tangible benefit, so demand for coaching is increasing.  What that means is that there is plenty of business out there for great coaches!


We have training courses that are specifically suitable for aspiring coaches.  Learn the skills required to be a professional coach.  The appropriate first stage qualification for Coaching is NLP Practitioner Training Course.

If you wish to train to be a coach. Join us in a training online at our NLP online training centre.

Should you wish to invest in your own coaching, then contact me at to discuss a suitable way forward for you.