Have a crystal clear vision of where you want to go

One of the secrets of success that has been shared with me by a number of different chief executives is to “make the time to think.”

What is the point in being busy, busy, busy? What is the point in focussing on the wrong things? What is the point in climbing the mountain if you realise that you have climbed the wrong mountain in your field?

Most people don’t learn how to live until they die. I have new for you, the chief executive gets buried next to the cleaner.  When you look back take time to ask yourself the question “did I do the things that enabled me to get to where I wanted to go?” One thing that you can do, and you can do it now, is to create a vision of where you/your company want to go.

Most people do not even spend one hour a day thinking.  Here is a tip for you. Spend one hour per day in silence thinking, journalling. Ask yourself “how can I be better at my job?”

A Crystal Clear Vision

Beware of Drift

Sailing instructors always say, “keep your eye on the shoreline, where you are wanting to end up otherwise the boat is going to drift off course.” It is true in life as well.

Organisations suffer from what I would call organisational drift. Most organisations spend time working out their values, a mission statement, a strategies plan and then they start to drift.

The difference between mediocrity and worldclass is not the big things, it comes down to small little pieces of drift that are either done or not done.

Divorces occur due to little areas of drift in the marriage, little arguments that put you off course. People leave jobs again due to little areas of drift that build up over time that come between someone and their employer, or between employees.

Do you want to get to your deathbed and think, “I never got in the game? I was never as good as I could be?” This is what can happen if we fail to adopt some of the little leadership traits, or we don’t attend to some of the little pieces of excellence.

The best companies in the world are led by people with a striking quality of vision, forget a three year plan, they have a 30 year plan! They have a plan where they can visualise their outcomes they know how it will feel to get there. Clarity precedes mastery. How can you hit a target that you cannot see?

Take time to think in silence and use it to develop your vision for your future.

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