The other inconvenient truth

Society doesn’t want you to believe it, your friends and family probably don’t want you to believe it, religion certainly doesn’t want you to believe it, but fortunately it is true. You can have whatever you want.

Think about when you were a child or observe any young child, you were bursting with energy, brim full […]

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Develop your leadership. Great ideas for great leadership

Do you want to develop your leadership? How about lead a better life for yourself? Do you want to have more fun?

Get focussed in this age of distraction

This is the age of distraction, don’t spend your best days on this planet doing what is unnecessary. Many people […]

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Develop A Leadership Vision

Have a crystal clear vision of where you want to go

One of the secrets of success that has been shared with me by a number of different chief executives is to “make the time to think.”

What is the point in being busy, busy, busy? What is the point in focussing on the wrong things? What […]

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Self Leadership

If you are not leading your life to the highest possible standard, then how can you possibly lead others with conviction and in the right direction? Your authenticity and integrity demands that you walk your talk and lead by example. Begin within.

They say that the door to success does not open outward, it opens inward.  […]

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Fear and your reptilian brain

One of the things that consistently stands out amongst great leaders and people who are living at best in the world in their field of expertise is their ability to conquer their fears. Don’t get me wrong, they feel fear just like the rest of us, the difference is that they feel it, they recognise […]

Fear and your reptilian brain2017-10-24T12:04:37+01:00

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