This course is a “how to” manual for personal and professional leadership development.


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This leadership development training comprises 47 videos of up to 21 mins and supported by a fully illustrated manual, this course is packed with techniques for you to practice and exercises for you to do which will help you integrate leadership into your life and develop your emotional intelligence.

Estimated total course length 35 hours.

Trainer – Anthony Beardsell, International Leadership Coach


This is the second level course in our Leadership Training series.

Course Contents:

How we experience our world

Communication Model

  • A model to understand our communication – How we take in information, process it and create our behaviours. Learn how we create our world, why we get overwhelmed and confused, how two people can experience the same event and interpret it in very different ways. Learn exactly why we get what we focus on.
  • Your perceptions and your projections – Building better relationships and communication with others. Understand empowering ways to interpret other peoples behaviour.
  • Neuroplasticity and the mind body relationship. How and why your body responds to your thinking. Learning from champions, how and why visualising can help you get outstanding results and improve your health.
  • Creating a leadership vision. How to create a vision for your future, set goals and objectives. Creating an empowering vision for organisations. Keys to setting successful goals.

Observing other people

Matching and Mirroring

  • Acute sensory awareness – How to develop your ability to become acutely aware of what is going on with another person in order to better understand them. Learn to read sensory information and gain clues as to how other people are thinking.
  • Leadership Rapport – Learn skills to enable you to consistently build rapport and gain that unconscious energetic connection with other people that means that you are able to gain influence and motivate them at will.
  • Matching and Mirroring – Discover how to use the techniques of matching and mirroring behaviour and language in order to gain great rapport with others.
  • Expanded Awareness – Learn to use both your foveal and peripheral vision in order to improve your awareness skills, slow down and silence an overactive mind and improve your ability to take in learning.
  • How to get in rapport – Step by step guidance through the powerful process of gaining rapport. When to use it & how not to get caught.

Better understanding yourself and others

Taking multi perspectives

  • Taking multiple perspectives – Improve your relationships and build teamwork using this superb technique of taking multiple perspectives.
  • Representational Systems – Learn how you “represent” the world to yourself using  internal systems, our representational systems. Discover your preferred means of communication, learn to discover other people’s preferred means of communication through observation.
  • Our words and phrases – We each use certain patterns of words and phrases and they give us clues as to how we can be motivated and influenced. Learn how to use your language in order to motivate and influence others.
  • Changing our experience – We code, we order and we give meaning to our experiences using certain internal processes. Learn how to change your thought processes in order to gain empowerment, in order to gain empathy, in order to gain motivation.

Language Hierarchies and Change

Logical Levels

  • Language hierarchies and change – Learn how we speak and think at different theoretical levels and how you can use your language with others in order to bring about change and motivate them.
  • Levels of change – How to use this model for organisational change in order to manage change. Design change processes that take people with you. Design training and coaching processes that create a motivated and purposeful workforce.
  • Solutions for change – Discover how to remotivate disillusioned staff. Use this technique for yourself in order to create an empowering purpose, and also you can use it to assist you in overcoming disempowering behaviours so that you may lead from the front.



  • Anchoring – Understanding how we have conditioned our minds in many ways and  how certain triggers bring about automatic emotional and behavioural responses. We discover what existing anchors we have in our lives and how some of them may not be particularly useful for us.
  • Using anchoring – Learn how to destroy existing disempowering anchors, and set new anchors that will bring about useful states of mind when we most need them. How to change your state of mind in an instant. Develop your self awareness and ability to self regulate.

Personalities and Metaprogrammes


  • Metaprogrammes and Myers Briggs personality profiling – Learn how we each have certain behaviours and ways of thinking that form our “personality.” Recognise your own personality traits, metaprogrammes explain to us why we do what we do and why we think the way that we think. How to discover different personality profiles and use the information to work more effectively with others and better motivate them.
  • Basic Metaprogrammes – Do you prefer to work alone or with others? Do you have a tendency to think big picture or do you devour the details? Faced with a big decision do you prefer to think it through logically or do you go with your feelings? Do you generally prefer order in your life and is being on time important to you or do you like to “play it by ear” and live for the moment?
  • Complex Metaprogrammes – Metaprogrammes are a great predictor of behaviour and they can give us a fairly accurate guide as to what we are likely to get in terms of results when we are building teams, recruiting, and organising project teams. Learn how you can match the individual with the perfect role and build successful teams and working relationships using these powerful behaviour predictors.

Values and Beliefs

Values & Beliefs

  • Values and Belief Systems – Values are what is most important to us in life. What we value in a certain area of life will determine how we behave in that area and necessarily will determine the results that we get in our life. Understand how we have unconsciously adopted certain values and belief systems.
  • Origins of our values – Where do we get our values from? We pick up values from various sources right from birth. Most of your values are adopted from family, friends, schools, churches, the media, the internet.  Learn how and when values are adopted and what the implications are for us.

Values Levels

Values Levels

  • Values Levels – As the world has evolved, so has its thinking systems. The more complex your environment, the more complex will necessarily be your thinking. Learn how evolution in thinking systems has taken place and how to identify different thinking systems in individuals, cultures and societies.
  • Values Level Transitioning – How thinking systems change in individuals and cultures.
  • Life Conditions and Thinking Systems – How we adapt our thinking to our life conditions.

Values Memes

Values Memes

  • Working with Values Levels – How to use this knowledge of different thinking systems in order to better communicate, build teams and communities.
  • Values levels 1-8 – A detailed look at the different values levels in order to help you identify your own thinking systems and those of others.

Discovering and Changing your Values

Discovering values

  • Discovering your values – Find out what values your have unconsciously set in the different sectors of your life. Do they support you? Learn a process for discovering your own and others values.
  • Discovering your motivation strategy – What motivates you? How to make something more and less motivational to you and others.
  • Values hierarchy process – We store our values in hierarchies, the higher up the hierarchy the more important the value is to us. Sometimes our hierarchies work for us, sometimes they do not. Find out how to discover and evaluate your own values hierarchies.
  • Moving values – When we have behaviour or thinking that is not useful to us it is often due to our values being our of synch or in the wrong order for us. We share a method and a technique that you can use to change the importance or otherwise of your values to you, in order that you can produce behaviour and thinking that is going to bring you success and growth as a leader.


Our leadership training courses are recognised and accredited by the NLPEA (international body for leadership and NLP professionals). In order to attain your certification, then you will be required to complete an online certification test which will be assessed by one of the course tutors. You will be presented with your certificate upon successful completion of the test and your certificate will also note your points for CPD.

Proceeding with your Leadership Development Training

This course is packed full of value. Every video in the series gives you something to take to your workplace to add value and move forward your excellence. Hints, tips and exercises for your leadership development.

Your single delegate investment for this Leadership Development Training Course is £658.80

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Combine the two courses with our ***Premium Leadership Development Programme***. Total investment for the two courses is £838.80 £679.00