NLP Parts Integration

The NLP Parts Integration is used to improve congruency in the individual. To eliminate persistent unwanted behaviour patterns. It is an involved and very powerful technique.

Below is the process.  This is part of both the NLP Practitioner training course and the NLP Master Practitioner training course that we run at Excellence Assured. Learn more and train in NLP at our NLP online training centre.

The Parts Integration process is:

  1. Identify the conflict and the parts involved.
  2. Have the part, which represents the unwanted behaviour come out on the hand first.
  3. Elicit the opposite number to come out on the other hand.
  4. Personify the part and make sure the client has a VAK image of each part as it comes out on the hand.
  5. Separate intention from behaviour – What is the intention…?  For what purpose…?
  6. Have the hands turn towards each other and notice they were once part of a larger whole.
  7. Have the client notice the resources that A has and B.
  8. Bring the hands together and at the same time have the internal images begin to merge.
  9. Get the objection out on the knee if the hands do not come together automatically.
  10. Take the integrated part inside.
  11. Test and Future Pace.

Free Parts Integration Video Demonstration:

NLP Parts Integration













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