Use NLP language patterns for success

///Use NLP language patterns for success

Use NLP language patterns for success

NLP Language Techniques – building on your success with NLP Training

Much of NLP is about learning about how to get closer to other peoples model of the world.  On our NLP Practitioner Training Courses we learn how people present the tonality in their voices, their physiology, the words that people use, the submodalities they use and the expressions that they use to describe their model of the world.

We look at ways of offering more choice. We learn how simply by changing our physiology we can change the way that we are thinking, feeling. We learn how to change our behaviour and states by changing the finest distinctions in the representations that we hold in our heads.

NLP Language Training


I am going explain now what the importance is in learning to change the way that we language ourselves, how just in one sentence we can alter our own and other peoples internal representations. How would you like to be able to have that sort of impact with the language that you use?

If you manage other people, then how effective would it be for you to have the tools to get your message across in a more succinct and powerful way, in a way that ensures complete buy in from others and enable them to have more choice over their thoughts and behaviours?

Language is something that we pick up by modelling.  Our language is influenced hugely by the people around us and especially by our families and friends as we grow up.  Are the words that we speak who we are? Do they represent who we are? How can we become consciously aware of not just the words that we use but the structure of the words that we use, how we put those sentences together, which if we were to do that differently would assist us to get more of what we want and help those around us get more of what they want. Is that something that you think would appeal to you?

If I were to say that the present reality is the sum of the conscious and unconscious choices that you have made. How many would you give yourself out of ten so far?   What sort of score would you give yourself? What would your report read to this stage? Done this and that well, could do better at this and that?

So, how have we been consciously and unconsciously been languaging ourselves to success and not success and how effective have we been?

Language is one of our deeply most unconscious filters both in structure and in the words that we put into sentences which causes us to delete, distort and generalise, filter our experience.  In other words, how we perceive the world we perceive in part through the language that we use to code the information that is coming in. So, the results that we get from people around us are linguistically coded involuntarily by the structure of the language that we use and also by the language that we use.

..and this is why we spend a considerable amount of time on our NLP Practitioner and NLP Master Practitioner Training Courses talking about how to use NLP Language patterns and techniques for successful communication.

Join us on one of our NLP Training courses today. You can even train in NLP Online at our NLP Online Training Centre.


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