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As one of the world’s leading NLP schools, we are pleased to provide you with a host of fascinating articles with practical uses for NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming).

Take your world in your own hands, get to know how your wonderful brain works and get more out of life. You deserve it!

Neuro – our nervous system. Linguistic – the way our nervous system interprets the world. Programming – the habit our brains have to repeat behaviour and language patterns and to interact with others.

Learn your thinking and behaviour patterns, learn and discover your behavioural pattens and you can effectively programme your nervous system to manage your body and health in better ways.

Patterns that shape the brain

You may not have noticed before but human experience is made up of series of patterns. In fact the programming/conditioning of patterns in the brain are fundamentally important to human existence and communication. So let’s take some time to discover the patterns that shape the brain.

The human brain is central to survival, our immune system […]

Take the time to look around and think – NLP

When is the last time that you really considered why?

Take the time to look around, it is important and if you do it often enough you will do it automatically. Now, that is useful!

“Why what?” You may ask?

Why are we here? What is our purpose? Where do we fit in, in the grand scheme of […]

The powerful impact of your words – Using NLP

How easy do you think that it is to change a habit that has been around for 40+ years?

The answer is: Super easy. If you know how the brain works and how to use language to positively influence thought, then it can happen instantaneously!

Sound unlikely? Uncommon? It isn’t, habit change is simple if you use […]

How to find happines and feel at ease with life

As a coach people often tell me about their problems. In fact I ask them questions about their challenges and problems. We work a way through them, before that I always ask them:

“What would you like to have instead?” It is always great to have an objective to work towards.

The most common response and in […]

What is it like to take an NLP Training Course?

Someone once asked me what it was like to take an NLP Practitioner Training Course with Excellence Assured. It made me think of a time when I was on holiday. 

I was in Tenerife a volcanic island off the coast of Africa with a climate that has been described as the Eternal Spring. 

On […]

N is for Neuro – NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming)

The first letter in NLP, the N, stands for Neuro. Neuro is a clue to the broad reference to brain and nervous system related content in the discipline itself.

Most NLP professionals, when faced with the “What is NLP?” question stutter and fumble their way through a drawn out explanation of how it can be of […]

NLP Intervention Therapy (NLPIT) – Get something done

NLP Intervention Therapy (NLPIT) takes a dynamic approach to change.

Get something done to improve your life – something concrete to build upon and take you forward. Talking is useful and when talking just isn’t enough for you then NLP it!

Using NLP interventions, this is life affirming therapy with a coaching technology – because we know […]

A unique experience in quality learning – from a newly certified NLP Practitioner

A newly certified NLP Practitioner speaks about our course

I am a newly qualified NLP Practitioner from Excellence Assured NLP Academy. This was a unique and quality learning experience.

As I say – This training was very unique to me and I observed that it brings with it so many other benefits.

Like for example: For a […]

Little Albert Experiment – Classical conditioning (NLP Anchoring), stimulus generalisation & phobias

NLP and Classical Conditioning

The Little Albert Experiment gives us a good introduction to how the human body and mind work together to deliver automatic responses to our environment and how to change our responses if we are minded to do so.

NLP offers techniques to help people to overcome phobias, better understand behaviour, rid themselves of […]

How false memories are created – Loftus and Palmer experiments (NLP)

am going to illustrate to you how false memories are created and how memory is distorted by information acquired after an event, the words used to describe it and questions asked about it.

I am going to explain this and illustrate it by describing two experiments done by cognitive psychologist, Elizabeth Loftus and John Palmer […]

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