When is the last time that you really considered why?

Take the time to look around, it is important and if you do it often enough you will do it automatically. Now, that is useful!

“Why what?” You may ask?

Why are we here? What is our purpose? Where do we fit in, in the grand scheme of things? Why am I doing what I am doing?

These are the questions that we rarely consider and become almost remote from us as we fix our attention on day-to-day living. However, if we neglect to ask them then we may be missing some vital opportunities to grow and to live at our happiest.

Personal Development training, like NLP training gives people the opportunity to really consider these questions. Step back and consider them thoughtfully, you may be pleased with what you find.

The human brain is fascinating and it loves to find answers to things. However the questions that I am asking here are not easy to find answers to immediately. In fact there is no conclusive answer to them, and the brain loves clarity and easy conclusions, so it often puts off considering tricky questions, especially when there is no urgent need to answer them.

The thing is that whilst there is no right or wrong answer, we must ask these questions of ourselves from time to time. Otherwise we will find that we spend the time of our lives doing things that are at best a waste of time and at worst they are detrimental to us.

So NLP Training time is a perfect time to really consider, how am I spending the best time of my life? Do I have the right direction? Am I on track with where I want to go? All things that are useful to consider.

I the video below I refer to looking at a wider perspective to gain incites into our lives, our habits and our thoughts, this is something that I find really useful to do each morning for a short time. I think that you would find it useful too.

We spend too much time in the 21st century being distracted by emails, news programmes etc and we lose sight of the bigger world around us. We get embroiled in our problems and try to fix them from within the problem.

The solution to problems is to look outside the problem. Circle in the sky above a problem (using your imagination) and you will be amazed at how you gain different perspectives on the problems. They may even resolve themselves as you observe them.

Because problems are mostly mind-made. Our mind or someone else’s mind creates the majority of our problems. Observing the things that are much more significant than our individual problems (like observing nature) can seriously help us to develop our mental fitness, our fitness for life itself.