As a coach people often tell me about their problems. In fact I ask them questions about their challenges and problems. We work a way through them, before that I always ask them:

“What would you like to have instead?” It is always great to have an objective to work towards.

The most common response and in fact the driving force for all responses amounts to one thing. People say “I want to be happy.”

So let me ask you “What would it take for you to be happy? I mean, really happy?” “ What would have to happen in your life for you to be really happy?”
Think about that now.

What answer did you come up with? How far away is the reality for you?

It all comes down to this in the end, right? Why does anyone do anything? To create happiness for themselves and others. Ultimately any answer amounts to this, because this is what most people think human life is designed for. Happiness. Otherwise what else is there?

Some people are happy, some people are bubbling with joy. This seems like the way to be, right? So why are we not overflowing with happiness?

The thing is that we are not generally a happy species. This is a very sad state of affairs. Why are so many people unhappy, or least least only moderately and occasionally happy? We all crave happiness and some of us go to great lengths to get it, but it doesn’t seem to last when achieved in any other way.

Even on holiday people walk around looking grumpy or moaning about various things. This is an age of discontent, an age of general unease.

It wasn’t meant to be like this and it doesn’t have to be this way. What happens when people aren’t happy? Seeking happiness, drugs, alcohol, illicit relationships.

I have discovered a solution for you. It is rapid, consistent and available to everyone. Are you interested in having it?

Let me start by telling you how I came across the answer.

I noticed that some people are happy, really happy and in fact bubbling with joy. I wanted this feeling.

Fortunately I know NLP and so I carry a belief (NLP Presupposition) around with me that is really useful. I know that “If a human on the planet has it (in this case, true joy) then I can have it too!” – This is my mindset for success. This is true for everything and some things take a long time to acquire. This doesn’t. In fact you can have it now.

So I went about finding out how these happy people lived happy, in fact joyous lives. I discovered what they did, what they thought about to bring about this delightful and seemingly illusive feeling.

The answer is not a secret and it is available to anyone NOW. The answer is that we “people” are dominated by, servants to THINKING.

STOP THINKING and happiness is yours, now.

Have you done it yet? Stopped thinking? Thinking is a habit, almost all of us are beset by it and it takes us over. We are almost all addicted to thinking, overthinking. Overthinking is thinking automatically.

So this is where we get into the theme for this series of articles. This is where the work starts. How do we stop thinking? What happens if we stop thinking? Good questions and we will come to them. First, the place to start is to notice your thinking. When you are alone notice what you think about? Notice this for a short while and come back to these articles for your answers.