Get out of your Comfort Zone

Comfort Zone

This is your comfort zone.  You know it.  It’s comfortable in here.

It is otherwise known as the Grey Zone.  Grey is a good name for it isn’t it?  Grey, it’s just grey.  Not black, not white, just grey….

It is the place that most people would like you to live your life, take no risks, just muddle along like them.  ‘Don’t upset the applecart’ they say to you.  I’d say that sometimes you need to upset the applecart in order to get a better existence.

When you see someone you know we greet each other.

“Hi, how are you?”

“Not bad thanks” Is the standard reply – NOT BAD!!  It’s almost like we are embarrassed to say that we are any better off than that.  At best we get ‘I’m ok thanks’ or ‘I’m alright thanks’.  It doesn’t usually get any better than that.

When is the last time you said “Actually, I’m fantastic thanks”?

Say that next time someone asks you. I dare you!  Watch their response, they’ll probably ask you why you think that you are doing so well!  They will be intrigued, you have something that they want, so be prepared to be interrogated!

Check how you feel after you’ve said it. I’ll bet that it gives you a boost.

Think about your life, how is it?  Are you living your dreams or is it just “not bad”, “ok”, “surviving”?  I think that we can do better than that but in order to do it we need to step out of that comfort zone.

I left my first sales job when I was at the top of the company, earning good money.  Other salespeople in the company looked at me and wanted to be where I was, earning what I was earning.  I have always believed in challenging myself to do more and better, and on this occasion I had reached my peak at that organisation, so I moved company.

Everyone thought that i was mad, ‘look at what you are giving up!’ they all said.

I was upsetting their applecart!

Within two years I had trebled my income.  In order to do it I had to push myself outside that grey zone, that comfort zone.

Now I’m not suggesting this radical an approach is suitable for everyone and you might prefer to start with small steps outside that zone. In any case you should check before you take any action to make sure that it is ecological for you and others.

If you want more out of life then you will be waiting a long long time for it to come to you. You need to go in search of it, and in order to do that you need to step outside of your comfort zone from time to time!

We only get one go at this game of life. Do your life justice, don’t settle for just being “OK”. Be as good as you can be. Make life as good as it can be. Make a step outside your comfort zone today!


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