Is your business or organisation looking for better value from your Training and Development budget? Choose e-Learning!

We have noticed recently that there has been an increase in take up for our professional development training courses in their e-Learning format.

It must be a sign of the times. Or is it just common sense?

Let’s have a quick look at the benefits to organisations and their staff of taking training courses by e-Learning:

  • Our Sales Skills, Management Training Courses and Redundancy Retraining Courses are all priced at around £299+VAT per individual licence.  These e-learning training courses provide material for up to 130 hours of study, depending on the specific course. Where else you could get personal and professional development training at £2 per hour?
  • Organisations are able to pick from a range of training courses to specifically suit the individual needs of their employees.
  • No need for overnight hotel fees!
  • No travel expenses!
  • No need to provide lunch at the company’s expense.
  • The business decides when their staff study and for how long.
  • All you need is a desk and a computer, so people can study at their desks, in a specially designated study room, or at home.
  • Study can take place in groups or staff can study independently.
  • The e-learning material is Video and Audio files combined with detailed manuals, so each individual can study at their own pace and replay the videos, or audio as many times as they wish.
  • We provide optional coaching support for all of our e-learning courses.
  • We provide the option to complement the e-Learning with face to face training if required. The face to face training can take place before, after or before and after the e-learning depending on your requirements.
  • We are able to provide as an additional option a content integration test for each of our e-learning courses which the learner can complete to demonstrate their competence.
  • The e-learning can be branded to suit you.

Excellence Assured provides e-Learning for businesses in the form of NLP based training courses.

NLP techniques and processes are specifically beneficial to people working in the following areas:

  • Sales – NLP provides many different ways for salespeople to persuade and motivate buyers.
  • Therapy – NLP has techniques to enable people to Stop Smoking, overcome a phobia, get out of depression, lose weight, recipes for overall better mental health.
  • Management – Learn how to motivate your staff by gaining a better understanding of what makes people tick using NLP. How are behaviours constructed? Working with goals. Understanding different thinking systems and different personality types. Much more besides.
  • Redundancy Retraining – NLP is the study of excellence and at its core are techniques that are perfect for setting new career goals and preparing for job interviews. NLP provides you with a whole set of new communication skills that will make you attractive to future employers.

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