….and the lives of others around you!

What would you say is a good investment? How would you describe a good investment? What constitutes a good investment for you?

When you talk about investments most people automatically think about monetary rewards. “How can I invest my money in order to make more money out of it.” Is that the case for you?  Good investments in this case could be ones where, there is no risk to you losing your capital, where there is a good financial return on the money invested, where you can have access to your investment without notice, where you make money quickly.  And there is certainly nothing wrong with this type of investment, in fact let me know if you find one because I am still looking!!

Most people in the UK have considered investments in property to be good value over the years, and this has proven to be the case for many.  My parents bought their first house for £500 back in the day, and that same house is now worth several hundred thousand pounds. Was that a good investment? Well, yes it was, although they still need somewhere to live, so they only benefit from the investment by having somewhere nice to live rent free. Eventually the family will benefit from the investment when the house is sold, hopefully many years down the line.  This will prove to have been a very good investment over a lifetime. So property investment can work well.

A few years ago I put some of my savings into unit trusts, the Stockmarket was right at its lowest after the Credit Crisis, and I thought that I could make an investment and get a good, quick return. I spread my investments around a bit, putting some in Asia, some in Europe, some in the US and some in the UK. Three years later I had doubled my money and I sold up.  Was this a good investment?  Yes, it was and it did carry some risk, as we all know that stocks and shares can go down as well as up.   My investment in shares enabled me to grow my savings which in turn allowed me to invest in my business, and my business is my future and so it worked out well for me.

NLP Training at Excellence Assured

So, an investments make sense don’t they?  They allow you to hopefully grow your assets, get a better life and get more of what you want in the future.

If you asked 100 people what they would like more of in life, what do you think that they would say?  “Happiness” would have to be up there wouldn’t it? “Love” would also be there. A lot of people would say money and then if you ask them “what would money get you?” they would say happiness probably or security.

Lets take happiness, and love. Most people want more happiness and love in their lives, after all what else is there in the end?

In a survey that I read recently people on their deathbeds were asked what they wish they had done differently. The most popular answer was “I wish that I had allowed myself to be happier.”

So, whats is stopping us from being happy? Is it life’s circumstances, the weather, the traffic, the moods of others around us? We can’t control these things but we can control our attitude towards them.

The difference between being happy and sad is how we interpret and process our circumstances. It comes down to our thinking.

Success starts in the mind, our outer world reflects our inner world. If we control our thoughts and the way that we respond to events in our life, then we begin to control our destiny and our happiness.

NLP Training provides vital tools to enable you to start to control your thinking, to empower you through communication and thinking excellence.  The quality of your thinking will determine the quality of your life and so what better investment can you make than taking an NLP Training?

  • Is it available immediately?  Yes. We provide NLP Training Courses Online, and you can access that NOW.
  • Can you get benefits from it quickly? Yes. Each course is made up of a number of modules, videos, audios, manuals, all of these are available to your from the outset of your course, and you can start learning and growing NOW.
  • Will it make you happy? Yes. It will help you improve your thinking and you can then determine your own happiness.
  • Will it give you a financial return on your capital? That is up to you. We provide you with the skills, tools, and techniques of excellence, what you do with them is up to you. Many of our students have gone on to career promotions and to successfully run their own businesses.
  • Will it give you more love? First master the art of loving yourself and then you can truly love others. NLP Training encourages self mastery. You can’t do good if you don’t feel good and NLP Training will show you how to feel good consistently.

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