Our NLP students come from many varied backgrounds, we have a truly international set of students. I suppose that is the real beauty of NLP, it can help anyone, anywhere.

I am not sure how much you know about NLP? As a body of knowledge it has been around now for quite a few years. It originated in its current format in the 1970s when Richard Bandler and John Grinder, gathered the various processes and techniques together and gave them a title, Neuro-Linguistic Programming. In fact many of the different aspects of NLP have been with us in some form or another for more than just a few decades. After all, throughout time we humans have been studying each other in an attempt to discover those aspects of behaviour and thinking that we would like to have more of and in order to discover how to overcome our problems. The thing is that until the body of NLP was established, these aspects had generally been kept separate and as the preserve of psychologists and behavioural experts.

For the first time, Bandler and Grinder were able to translate seemingly complicated techniques of communication and behaviour into processes and systems that even a child can follow in order to create better behaviours, greater happiness and excellence in performance. This is the main reason that most people learn NLP.

For centuries people have been searching for ways of bottling happiness and excellence to use for themselves and to pass on to other people for a profit or simply to enable them to live better lives. This is essentially what NLP offers you.

Before they take their NLP training with us we always ask our students, “what do you want to get out of the training?” The answers that we get span a huge range of different interests but in essence they come down to the same things, greater happiness, a better life, a way of making money, and to help other people.

Greater Happiness?

We were all born with the potential to live really happy lives, but somewhere down the line many of us lose our natural sparkle. At some stage, life will always kick us where it hurts and for some of us this effectively kicks the happiness out of us. Many of us unfortunately never fully rebound and find that happiness doesn’t return all of its own accord. The reason is because happiness is something that we must encourage and create for ourselves rather than expect it to just appear. NLP provides us with many techniques and processes to create a life full of happiness, in fact we learn that if we want to be happy, then we can be happy straight away, with no reason at all. Who wouldn’t find that useful?

A better life?

I haven’t come across anyone yet who can honestly answer the question “What is not yet perfect in your life?” with “Nothing.” If this is also the case for you, then I can honestly say that learning NLP will help you get a better life.

People generally reach a stage in life where they settle for the way that things are. They accept their fate, they live with their failings, and they lower their expectations. Why? It is probably because it seems like a better option than continuing to resist something that they have no apparent control over.

NLP teaches us that no matter what age we reach, a better life is always within our grasp. Life is what we create for ourselves, NLP gives us systems to use to design our outcomes, to become acutely aware of how we are faring on moving towards our outcomes, and it gives us a toolbox of skills to create excellence in whatever we put our minds to.

A way of making money?

The thing is that if you can help someone get happier, get a better life, achieve their dreams, create excellence, gain skills that will enable them to increase their earnings and get on better with other people, then they will be prepared to pay you for that help. This is why NLP is so popular amongst coaches, trainers, managers, leaders, educators, business people and entrepreneurs.

Help other people?

I for one reached an age where achieving success just for my own benefit was not sufficient for me, I wanted more. I had spent twenty years creating wealth, gaining power and influence in a career to make myself feel better and gradually I came to realise that it was not sufficient for me. “I” became less important in my life. A desire to help other people and the evolution of the planet awakened in me. I am not alone in this transformation in values, happily it is happening to more and more people around the world. I believe that as a result the world is becoming a better place. NLP provides me and my students with a set of tools that we can use to help other people get over phobias, overcome bad habits, improve their thinking, create excellence in performance, and improve their relationships. Is that something that you might like to do?

The thing is that if you just want to learn about NLP, then you can pick up many of the skills by reading a book on the subject. Our NLP training is not just about enabling you to learn about NLP. Our NLP Training is designed to assist you in transforming your life so that you live and breath the new skills, so that they become a set of autopilots for you to use at any time for your own and other peoples’ benefit. Join us in making that transformation in you.