Coaching & NLP Uncovered 1 – What is NLP? How can it help me?

This is the first in our Coaching & NLP Uncovered Webinar series. We begin the series with this introduction to NLP and Anthony answers two of the most commonly asked questions associated with NLP. What is NLP? How can it help me? 

In order to give you an example of how NLP works, Anthony asks you to bring to mind a current problem that you have in your life. Together you will explore this problem using some basic principles of NLP and some of the language strategies that NLP accommodates. Notice how your problem changes shape in your mind as Anthony guides you through some thought process exercises.

NLP originated back in the early 1970s, but the knowledge that NLP incorporates nowadays has been passed down to us from the previous generations.  Anthony explains a bit about the background of NLP and how it links to other fields of therapy and excellence. Using examples all the way, you will learn how Richard Bandler and John Grinder co-created NLP and based NLP upon three modelling projects that they conducted with a Psychotherapist, Family Therapist and Gestalt Therapist.

Watch the video to explore the origins of NLP and the different techniques that it now houses. Discover how you can begin to create your own excellence in your chosen field by learning NLP.

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