Women experiencing depressive symptoms during the menopause may benefit from taking mindfulness courses online, as new research is suggesting that mindfulness could in fact be a very effective way of treating this mental health condition.

According to scientists at the Women’s Health Concerns Clinic at St Joseph’s Healthcare in Ontario, menopausal women typically feel less depressed after therapy that involves muscle relaxation, coping skills and education, as well as mindfulness-based relaxation and stress reduction techniques. Although they didn’t always feel less depressed following cognitive therapy sessions, the research concluded that this could be down to the fact that they need to address their specific physical concerns as well, such as hot flashes.

Speaking to Reuters Health, lead author of the study Sheryl Green observed that she was struck by the lack of alternative therapies and treatments for menopausal symptoms. Discussing the benefits of cognitive behavioural therapy for such people, she remarked: “With its low-risk nature, it is something that I continue to practice with menopausal patients who cannot or chose not to take medication – with success.”

This isn’t the only medical benefit that mindfulness has, however. According to a recent Brown University study, dispositional mindfulness can have a very positive effect on cardiovascular health, while research from Temple University has found that the practice can in fact prove beneficial to anyone who experienced traumatic events during childhood.

Those of you concerned about your health and wanting to make positive life changes in the future should perhaps consider learning more about mindfulness and how it can be of use.