Paul McKenna – can he make you slim?

I am constantly struck by the way that the modern world encourages us to pass the buck. We are programmed by society to find solutions outside of ourselves. For example, insurance, do we really care if we lose our mobile phone? Do we really care to make sure that we do not spill paint on […]

Paul McKenna – can he make you slim?2017-10-24T12:04:47+01:00

Hypnosis – Myths Exploded

Hypnosis - Myths

One of the most popular parts of my personal development training courses is Hypnosis. My students learn how to put themselves into a trance and also how to use hypnosis with others in order to improve the quality of that persons life.

Hypnosis […]

Hypnosis – Myths Exploded2017-10-24T12:04:55+01:00

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