In our NLP, Leadership, Coaching and Mindfulness online training series we now have over 500 unique videos. Here are a small selection as a taster for you.

It is our aim that all of our videos add value to you, whether as part of a series or standalone.

Get motivated….

Be inspired & be creative….


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A memory system to make learning easy

We spend $billions and £billions every year as an international community on training. Most of the money is simply wasted as we are no sooner out of the training room than memory loss takes over and we forget the majority of what we learned.

In our training series we use visual and auditory triggers within the videos to take the strain out of your learning. These triggers (this is called anchoring in NLP) automatically link words and pictures in the videos with the concepts that you are learning. We place the triggers subconsciously into your system so all you need to do is sit back watch and enjoy the videos, listen to Anthony speaking and the learning triggers will be placed. It is clever stuff.