In early 2021, after 10 years of research, dedication and practice I finally released Ants’ Gold – day trading system to the world.

Having backtested it, paper traded it, and live traded it until I was blue in the face I was able to provide this system to students at our Trading Academy for use on any market, any timeframe.

That is trading gold, right there!

It has nothing to do with the physical product of gold, one of my students said to me “This is trading gold” and the name stuck. I typically trade the Dow Jones, NASDAQ, and DAX on a daily basis with this trading system as I am used to trading indices but I also trade popular US stocks and it works just as well. I believe there is nothing else out there that compares. This is a system that anyone with an interest in trading can learn and trade for themselves in markets that suit them, in a trading day that suits their lifestyle.

Is this Trading system for you?

Where are you in the world? If you have access to the internet and live in an area that has reputable trading brokers then you can operate this system.

Professional Trading coaches look for two key performance indicators in successful traders: Win rate and Reward to Risk ratio for trades.

I believe that this system can seriously improve your win rate. My own experience is that this is a winning system that takes account of all the key ingredients required of professional trading systems, I look for a win rate of 80% plus in my own trading.

The system produces trading opportunities that give a great ratio of Reward:Risk. It is common to get 4:1-5:1 reward to risk in trades aligned with this system. A minimum of 1:1 is what I look for in order to take trades so this suited me down to the ground.

Get these two KPIs right and you have a winning system. That means making money…CONSISTENTLY.

What is involved in the system?

This is a trading system based on Technical Analysis, or chart analysis. In teaching you the system I will teach you how to read trading charts so that you can see the opportunities as they occur.

I use two charts side by side to make my assessment. A trading timeframe for example the 1 minute chart, and a master timeframe which is 5x longer than the trading timeframe, for example the 5 minute chart.  2 minute and 10 minute charts work together as do 10 minutes and hourly charts, 2 hours and daily charts, daily and weekly charts etc.

Do I use indicators? Yes, I use candlestick charts for the price action and add in a series of EMAs to assess trends, momentum and support and resistance. EMAs – I like simplicity, no further trading indicators are needed.

I am making it all simple for you

I will explain exactly what to look for in the charts eg ‘When price does this and the EMAs say that then you have a good probability, good risk to reward trading opporunity’.

I will tell you where to place your protective stop to limit your potential losses.

I will tell you what the best strategy is for taking profits and when to take them.

I also tell you when not to trade

Sometimes a market is working on low volume and low volatility. I give you a measure to look for which represents the minimum volatility needed to take trades with this system. Most popular markets meet this minimum requirement during the trading day, so you will have your pick.

How many trading opportunities will you get?

Honestly it depends on the day. I can usually find a minimum of five opportunities in a good hour of trading each day.

5 wins (net per day) at 1% risk and 1% reward (which is the absolute minimum I look for) gives you 5% account growth per day. This adds up to an amazing opportunity over a year as you can figure out for yourself! :)


How long do trades last?

You can expect for trades to last for 0.1 to 3 timeframes on the chart of your choice. This idea is for you to capitalise on short term market moves when all lights are on green. This may mean many opportunities per session, or none depending on the trading day – normally I get a few.

How do I learn the system?

I have recorded a series of videos to teach you the system step by step. The videos are available online via our learning portal.

I provide support to students who purchase this system via coaching and mentoring. Reach out to me by email or phone to get assistance.

Unless you have advanced experience in trading you would be advised to complement this learning with that also offered by my Day Trading course, so I offer the two courses as a Gold Course combination and both courses are in our online portal that you will have access to.

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Day Trading Course

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The Course

This course also includes an enrolment onto our Day Trading course, which provides all you need for a great foundational knowledge of trading. The together this makes a perfect partnership for you to really launch your trading to the stars!


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