NLP Strategies

Have you ever noticed that we seem to unconsciously run the same series of steps each time we do a certain behaviour? This sequence of steps is called a strategy in NLP.

Why would we want to know about NLP strategies? Strategies are how we define our life.  The strategies that we run create the successes and not successes that we have in our life. We are just in behavioural terms a bunch of behaviours driven by strategies.

Strategies we might define as a sequence of internal and external representations or thoughts that consistently achieve a specific outcome. Our internal representations, internal thoughts are all linked together like in a series or a chain.  If we were to discover the processing of our brain there would be internal representations one after the other after the other, after the other with pause buttons as outcomes after a series of representations. Those series of internal representations that create the outcome create the behaviours of which we are made.

Now, since the time you woke up this morning, you will have run many many strategies.   How did you know when to stop brushing your teeth? How do you know when they are clean enough?  How did you know how much butter or marg (spread) to put on your toast? How did you know when you had sufficient cereal in your bowl? How did you know which trouser leg to put your foot into? Those are all strategies. We have strategies to dictate every single behaviour that we have.

Why would be want to know about strategies, they run unconsciously. Well, our successes are as a result of successful strategies. Our less useful strategies create our behaviour patterns that we find unuseful.

This goes to the heart of NLP.  We take in information, we run a series of internal representations that create the programmes that we run, the strategies that we run, the behavioural patterns that we run. So, the strategies are that internal syntax of representations, or sequence of representations that deliver outcomes.

What are the implications of learning about strategies? How do you know that the decisions that you make on a daily basis are the best strategies for you at that time? People who make decisions in business, make decisions on behalf of other people, affecting other peoples lives. How do they know that they are making the most effective decision for all concerned?

Strategies, understanding the sequence that people make decision will offer us the opportunity to create a better strategy if it is not working well and continue to make good strategic decisions once we are sure that it is a well formed decision.

When people say, “I’d really like to do this or that, and there is something stopping me.” That is where understanding how NLP strategies work would be useful for them.

What is their strategy for making decisions? Do they have a strategy for learning how to adopt a new process?

If you are ever in a position to help people make decisions, the way that they make the decisions is very much part of what is under your influence.  If you are consulting to companies for example, how does that CEO make decisions? How might you influence him?  What are the key ways that he makes decisions? What is the secret piece of information that he needs, where if you can tap into that then you can get him to make a decision in your favour?

You bet you can!

If I could explain a way of communicating with someone that would give you twice the results in half the time is that something that could influence your future do you think?

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