Business is all about modelling isn’t it? It is about money and how to make it, and it is about modelling.

The principle here is that if you can do it and you are making money out of it, then I can do it too and if I can do it slightly better, then I will make more money out of it than you!

I need to find out how you are doing it and then I can copy you, make a few tweaks and improve upon your product or service, or apply it slightly differently. So if you are in business then being good at modelling and having a process for modelling that enables you to train others to do it would be useful to you wouldn’t it?

Now modelling is not a new phenomenon. Humans have always modelled others in order to evolve. One of our advantages over other species is that we have the ability to use our imagination to construct thoughts of things other than that which we are immediately seeing, hearing, touching, tasting and smelling. We are able to use our imagination in order to think about how we can use the skills that another person has in a way that will benefit us and enable us to grow.

As we know, only a small part of learning is trial and error, the rest is in effect modelling others.

Ever since I learnt NLP back in the nineties I have been using the process of modelling to further my career and it has worked wonders.

In my selling days, I soon caught on that in order to get to the top of the sales league table it was not enough to learn the basic skills of the job and wait to get better at it with experience. I learnt that the people at the top of the league tables all worked in a similar way, and it was not a way that they taught us when we joined the company!  I do not mean that they were doing anything that they shouldn’t have been doing, just that their processes were slightly different, and their attitude was COMPLETELY different!

So, whenever I got the chance I would ask these top salepeople questions about how they did what they did. I would observe them in action and I would assess their sales stats in detail in order to understand patterns that would give me a clue to their advantage.

NLP ModellingFunnily enough, it did not take me long to get to the top of the league tables.  In fact I did it in record time and had record sales figures!

I followed this process successfully a couple of times in different companies and both times I rose to the top. Now I spend my time passing on the secrets and you can rise to the top too if you employ these processes!

In most sales teams the top 20% of the sales people are successful and they support the bottom 80% in terms of their sales. It does not have to be that way, and the key to it is for them to learn the processes of modelling.

NLP Modelling is not just about finding out the physical process involved in doing something, that is part of it but it is only a part. NLP Modelling is about discovering the internal processes that make up the excellence that you are going to model.

If you study an athlete and model that athlete based on the actions that they take, then you can no doubt get quite close reproducing their performance. But you will not reach their standard by reproducing their actions alone. Top performers in any arena are not just physically excellent, they are also excellent mentally as well.

In order to really reproduce excellence you need to know what and how these people are thinking. What is it that they are thinking that makes the difference to their performance?

Skills in NLP enable you to discover the internal process that take place in people in order to produce a certain behaviour. What are their preferred ways of thinking? What are their Metaprogrammes? What are their values, what is important to them? What are the mental strategies that they are running that produce their excellence? If you can discover these things, then you stand a chance of being as good as them at a skill and fully reproducing it.

The key is to discover the mental and physical processes that are required, install them inside yourself, replicate them and then teach others to do it!

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