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Stress-Related Sick Days For Police ‘On The Rise’

Police forces around the UK might be inspired to offer their officers mindfulness training online in order to combat feelings of stress they may be feeling, given figures revealing that the number of sick days taken because of stress has climbed by 50 per cent in the last five years.

A Freedom of Information request has […]


Mindfulness To Help Smokers Quit?

If you’re a smoker and are keen to quit, it might be worth trying out some UK mindfulness training, as a new study has found that certain exercises can actually decrease your motivation to light up.

Conducted by scientists at the University of Oregon and Texas Tech University, the research found that when smokers took […]


Teenage Bullying ‘A Risk Factor For Depression’

A new study has suggested that bullying during adolescence could result in clinical depression, with almost one-third of young adults suffering from the mental health condition because they were targeted during their teenage years.

Conducted by Oxford University, the research examined the relationship between instances of bullying when people were 13 and cases of […]



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