Communication Skills Training

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* Communicate with confidence


* Immediate and lasting positive effect on your results  


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Looking for a way to invest in your people to gain the maximum positive change for them and maximum positive results for your business? Like the sound of a training course that fascinates and enthuses its delegates, produces immediate positive behavioural change that will delight and motivate your customers? Trying to get hold of that key that will unlock the door to excellence in your people?

Our communication skills training inspires people to look beyond previously perceived boundaries within themselves, enabling them to understand what makes people tick.  It will ensure that you get to grips with how we can communicate with others in a way that makes sense to them and suits their preferred means of communication.

Why is good communication so important?

When you communicate with another person, you perceive their response, and react with your own thoughts and feelings.  Your ongoing behaviour is generated by your internal responses to what you see and hear.  It is only by paying attention to the other person that you have any idea at all about what to say or do next.

You communicate with your words, voice: quality, pitch, tone and with your body: postures, gestures, expressions.  You cannot not communicate. Some message is conveyed even if you say nothing and keep still. How do you know that the message you give is the message they receive?

Communication is so much more than the words we say.  Research shows that 55% of the impact of your communication is determined by your body language, 38% by your tone of voice, and only 7% by the words that you use!  Think of all the different ways of saying ‘Hello‘ and how they could be interpreted or misinterpreted!

What are the benefits of the training for the delegate?  

  • Be able to recognise people’s preferred sensory systems in order to communicate with them in their preferred
  • manner.  
  • Learn how to use your body language in order to build and maintain rapport with others.
  • Gain greater influence over your own results and state of mind.
  • Understand how to use metaphors to influence others.  
  • Gain confidence and be happier!


What will you cover in your Communication Skills Training?

  • Keys to successful thinking.
  • Building rapport.
  • Matching and mirroring.
  • Learning how people think in order to think and talk like them.
  • Use of metaphors
  • Understanding eye patterns. 
  • Advanced Communication skills training – Use of specific and abstract language patterns

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