Communication Skills Training* We will inspire your management team to be at their very best


* How to determine personality types and how to manage to get the best out of people


* Build energy and build leadership skills



Is it time to add some extra sparkle to the effectiveness of communication of your management team? Do you want to improve your team as leaders? Do you wish that your team had a better understanding of how their individual team members were motivated?

Whether you are building a new management team, bringing in new members to an existing team, or want to breathe some fresh air into an established team our Management Training course is the right choice for you if you wish your team to be inspired, intrigued, and motivated. It will produce deep and lasting positive change.

Management teams are like flowers, they will grow if watered, but shrivel if left to dry!  An investment in our training for your team is an investment in the future success of your organisation.


What are the benefits of the management training for the delegate?

  • Understand the different personality types as identified by Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Myers Briggs and how they can help you coach and manage your team more effectively. Be able to identify people’s values at work and in the other areas of their life in order to understand what motivates them.
  • Learn how to model excellence in others to produce outstanding results in yourself and your team.
  • Power to inspire others through your language and your behaviour.

What will you cover?


Can you design a management training course specifically to suit the needs of my organisation?

Yes. All of our course material is flexible and we would be happy to discuss your requirements in order to ensure that we deliver training that specifically meets your needs.


…and what if I need more information?

Please contact us by calling us on 0114 2360047 or email us