Outplacement Training

Your future career excellence is assured with our Outplacement Training!

Outplacement Training

* Rebuilding confidence, design your future the way that you want it


* Preparing your employees for a new future


* New communication skills for excellent interviews


Looking for Redundancy Retraining e-Learning?

Outplacement training following redundancy announcement

Have you recently made the difficult decision to make redundancies or are you in the planning stages of making them?  Do you want to give your employees the best possible chance to succeed in future job interviews? Do you want to help rebuild your employees self confidence and enable them to regain their direction in life?

What benefits are we likely to see from this Outplacement Training?

Delivered with energy and enthusiasm our Outplacement training courses aim to inspire your employees to: take control of their circumstances, set specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and timely goals for their future, and to provide them with superior communication skills to help them in the selection process for their next job.

What will you cover?

The course content can be tailor made to suit your environment and will look to provide your employees with the following skills:

  • Building and maintaining rapport
  • Matching and Mirroring
  • Using anchoring to control your emotional state
  • Understanding eye movements, body language, tone of voice
  • Keys to an achievable outcome
  • Understanding how we have preferences for the use of different senses
  • Understanding our own preferences on how we take information in and interpret it internally
  • Presenting yourself for interview
  • SMART Goal setting
  • Back to work action plan

It is not what happens to you in life but the way you respond to what happens that is important!

As with all of our trainings we aim to make the sessions as interactive as possible to ensure that your delegates take maximum benefit from your investment.  Practical exercises are used to illustrate to the delegates how the skills can be used in practice and to enable them to have experience in using them.

Feedback and repetition are the keys to competency in any new skill and as such our courses will have an element of coaching involved. In order to ensure that this is as effective as possible for the individual delegates we would normally recommend group sizes of no more than eight.

Our training follows a simple four stage process that is designed to complement the four individual learning preferences. This process makes the training more enjoyable for the delegates and ensures that each individual takes maximum learnings from the course. Find out more

How much does your redundancy training course cost?

For details of our fees please go to Our Fees.