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Internationally recognised NLP accreditation

Our NLP Training online courses provide recognised professional qualifications. Gain accreditation through our online NLP courses and you may use the titles of NLP Practitioner, NLP Master Practitioner, NLP Coach, NLP Master Coach and NLP Trainer.

Train to be an NLP professional with Anthony Beardsell  - International NLP Master Trainer


Our students love our NLP courses! Read some of our testimonials:

It’s been invigorating, mind-blowing, empowering and has given me a real sense of confidence as a result of being able to understand the human mind and how it can be influenced. To say that I have enjoyed this course would be an understatement; it’s been mind-blowing at every interval.
J. Milner
I enjoyed the course immensely and I think it came at the right time for me. I was also very impressed by your effort to truly become my coach during this time. Your replies and comments were always spot on and personal which made me feel very valued and special.
S. Montana
Thank you, Anthony, for your incredibly intelligent, caring and genuinely loving way of communicating and presenting ideas, helping with advice and growing your students. Your online program is very special, as it has your heart in it. It is not money-oriented, but focused on giving students as much quality material and in as digestible, interesting and exciting way as possible leaving no space for misunderstanding, boredom, dissatisfaction. All the way through this course, I felt that you were always there for me: patient, attentive, immediately available; it has never felt as an on-line experience to me, and I now look forward to my Master’s course with much excitement. Thank you!
R. Shah
The single biggest impact on me has had the realisation that our Unconscious can be so easily accessed through such seemingly simple techniques NLP offers. It never stops surprising me that some decades-old issues suddenly disappear just within minutes, that people previously unable to imagine an apple when you ask them to, would suddenly access memories of their previous lives, that a short hour of work with NLP can turn a lifetime of struggle into a great adventure. It is quite powerful!
M. Begum

World class tutored NLP training online. NLP courses at your fingertips 

 The Key benefits of NLP Training are not limited to the following:

NLP Training benefits you:
  • Improved happiness levels
  • Personal Development
  • Improved communication skills
  • Overcome procrastination
  • Control your thinking,control your destiny
  • Gain Confidence


Working with and benefiting others:

  • Stop Smoking
  • Lose Weight
  • Relationships
  • Sports - Performance enhancement
  • Stress/Depression
  • Phobias
  • Confidence

General Business Uses:

  • Motivating others
  • Influencing others
  • Performance management/enhancement
  • Sales Skills
  • Communication Skills
  • Visionary Leadership skills

Cutting Edge Multimedia NLP Training Courses with Excellence Assured

  • Structured NLP training online, accessible to you 24/7 via our dedicated online NLP Training Centre
  • This training is delivered "as live" by recorded video modules, which means that you get exactly the same training as the students of our attended NLP Training Courses. You can watch the videos or listen to complimentary standalone audio versions as many times as you like.
  • Learn at a pace that suits you and in the comfort of your own environment. You have full access to all of your course material online from the day that you make your investment.  There is no deadline for completion of your course, so you can study at a pace to suit you.
  • Full NLP syllabus
  • NLP training courses onlineFull NLP accreditation available to NLP Practitioner, NLP Master Practitioner and NLP Trainers level
  • Train with Anthony Beardsell. Anthony is a world class International NLP trainer and INLPTA and NLPEA certified trainer of NLP with 20+ years experience in NLP
  • Invites to FREE webinar training - live NLP training events online
  • Every subject area has the following resources: Instructional videos, MP3 audio, comprehensive course manuals viewable and downloadable in our members area, demos, exercises and feedback assessment.


NLP training Courses Online I want you to be sure that this is the right investment for you. Ask me your questions, give me your thoughts or just request our Free NLP Training Online brochure, please complete the form below.

Anthony Beardsell, International NLP Trainer and Coach


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What makes our NLP training online exceptional:

  • The training is specifically designed for our NLP students and is available throughout the world.
  • Our courses qualify as "Coaching Specific Training Hours" for membership of coaching organisations such as the International Coaching Federation (ICF).
  • This NLP training is accredited by the NLPEA. Upon qualification we will register you for free lifetime membership of the NLPEA (normally £499 ($741 USD))
  • Our online NLP courses provide the equivalent NLP certification to one of our attended courses. Your time spent on our e-Learning portal combined with time completing our full certification requirements and content integration assessments enable us to fully assess your competence as you progress through your course and as you gain your final certification.
  • Because we can limit our costs through the provision of training via this medium, we can save you money in your development through NLP with no compromise on quality or results.
  • Anthony Beardsell invites you to let him be your personal trainer and coach for the duration of the training.
  • As a world leader in NLP training we support our online courses with live webinar training that backs up our outstanding online material.
  • This training incorporates the techniques of accelerated learning and is designed to appeal to all learning styles. The videos provide visual and auditory instruction and visual learning anchors via our animations. Kinesthetic learners (learners with a preference for hands on learning) benefit from the many exercises that are contained in the manuals and in the videos.
  • Expert tutorial support throughout your course. When you register on your course we will allocate a course tutor to you. You have optional access to coaching and tutoring with our course tutors via email and Skype.

NLP Training Courses Online No need to wait, you can start your NLP Training online today! Start creating your own future now!

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Our NLP Training Courses - Your NLP Training investment

NLP Training Courses Online

There are two stages of professional NLP qualification, NLP Practitioner and NLP Master Practitioner. The NLP Practitioner Course is the first stage and NLP Master Practitioner Course is the second stage. In addition you may wish to further advance your skills by becoming a trainer of NLP.

1) NLP Practitioner Course

NLP Practitioner Course The NLP Practitioner Course is for NLP beginners through to students who have a good knowledge of NLP but have not yet gained a professional qualification in NLP. This is the first stage of your NLP training. Your all-in, incredibly low total investment for our NLP Practitioner Course (including certification as an NLP Practitioner and NLP Coach) = £1,740, current promotional offer, just £449 ($667 USD)


NLP Practitioner Course

2) NLP Master Practitioner Course

NLP Master Practitioner Course The NLP Master Practitioner Course is for anyone possessing an NLP Practitioner qualification (evidence of qualification required). Advance your NLP skills and gain the highest level of NLP professional qualification. Your total investment for our NLP Master Practitioner Course (including certification as an NLP Master Practitioner and NLP Master Coach) = £2,940, take advantage of our current discounted offer, just £549 ($816 USD)

NLP Master Practitioner Course

 ***2 x Free bonuses - for all students investing in our online NLP Practitioner and/or NLP Master Practitioner training: We include NLP timelines course & Hypnosis course***


3) ***Premium NLP Masters Package***

Premium NLP Masters Course We also offer a ***Premium NLP Masters Training Package*** which incorporates both the NLP Practitioner and NLP Master Practitioner Training Courses. Four internationally recognised professional NLP qualifications - one training package. Your total investment for our Premium NLP Masters Training Package (including certification as an NLP Practitioner, NLP Master Practitioner, NLP Coach and NLP Master Coach) = £4,680, current promotional offer, just £849 ($1,262 USD)


 4) NLP Trainers Training

NLP Trainers Training

If you already have some experience in NLP, either as an NLP Practitioner or NLP Master Practitioner, and you wish to take your training to the ultimate level and train to train others in NLP, then we provide an online NLP Trainers Training course.

Your total investment for our NLP Trainers Training Course (including certification as an NLP Trainer) = £3,700, take advantage of our current discounted offer, just £1199 ($1,782 USD)

NLP Trainers Training Course


5) ****NLP Masters and Trainer Package****

The ultimate NLP Training package. Combine all of our NLP Trainings into one package and save. The complete NLP training journey, NLP Practitioner, NLP Master Practitioner (Premium NLP Masters Training) plus NLP Trainers Training course giving you five professional certifications.

Your total investment for our NLP Masters and Trainer Training Package (including certification as an NLP Practitioner, NLP Master Practitioner, NLP Coach, NLP Master Coach and NLP Trainer) = £8,380, current promotional offer, just £1,899 ($2,822 USD)

(International Clients pay current equivalent to GBP)

Course Availability - Limited - Book now to avoid disappointment

Our online NLP training courses are currently very competitively priced, the content is world-class and our intention is to provide you with a training experience that is every bit as good as attending a hotel based or residential NLP training. 70%+ of our new course registrations come as a result of recommendation from our current and past course participants.

As a result, these courses are highly sought after. We want to ensure that you receive the best possible service from us throughout your training. We therefore limit the number of students that we have on each of our courses.

Our courses currently have the following places available:

NLP Practitioner course
NLP Master Prac
Premium NLP Masters
NLP Trainers Training
NLP Masters & Trainer
NLP Diploma course

NLP Taster Course - Full

If your preferred course currently has no availability, then please contact us to find out when places will become free (this will depend on existing students attaining certification).

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Our NLP training is an investment in yourself

There are many professional benefits of NLP certification. Previous students have used our NLP Practitioner and NLP Master Practitioner qualifications to benefit them in the following professional areas:

  • Coaching - Set yourself up in practice as a Life Coach, Business Coach, Sports Coach.
  • Therapy - NLP compliments other ‘talking therapies’ and provides vital additional skills for Counsellors and Psychotherapists. Therapists in the UK offering NLP Therapy in private practice are typically able to charge £60-£100 per hour for their services. NLP is now used as a key skill in various areas of the UK National Health Service (smoking cessation being just one).
  • Management - A professional NLP qualification is recognised in many industries now as a stamp of excellence, a guarantee of excellence in communication skills and people management. Benefits to our students being faster promotion, attractive to future employers, improved team performance, greater retention of staff.
  • Sales - Previous salespeople taking our NLP courses have reported doubling their income by using these NLP techniques in their sales process.
  • Education - Teachers and Lecturers applying NLP skills to the benefit of their students have reported accelerated learning, longer knowledge retention and improved learner attention.
  • NLP Training - Start a business as an NLP Trainer (requires an additional qualification as an NLP Trainer) or use NLP Training in your own business environment.


Here is Anthony working on a phobia - "Fear of cows" - Demonstrating the NLP Strategy Destroyer technique

Internationally recognised accreditation

At Excellence Assured we are proud to associate with the NLP Association of Excellence (NLPEA). NLPEA provide our professional standards, ethics and accreditation for NLP Trainings. Our online NLP  courses are accredited by the NLPEA. NLP Accreditation NLPEA are one of the worlds fastest growing accreditation bodies of NLP. They are a not for profit, international membership organisation for NLP professionals, coaches and trainers. Their qualifications are recognised throughout the world as a stamp of quality and excellence, and the organisation is renowned for its commitment to furthering the development of NLP and extending the global availability of NLP trainings. Once you qualify from one of our courses we will register you with the NLPEA for free lifetime membership - saving you the £499 ($741 USD) that they normally charge as a joining fee. 

..more testimonials..

Hi Anthony I thought that I would just update you on my progress.  As you know it has been six months now since I qualified as an NLP Practitioner through your online NLP Training programme.  I have been very busy! When I finished the course I followed your suggestions on how to set up my part-time coaching practice and managed to get some clients early on via some local newspaper ads. Those NLP Language Patterns work a treat! The sessions with the clients went really well and I had some great successes especially in working on creating a more empowering future, visionary goal setting, habit change and changing limiting beliefs.  It worked just as planned, my clients were delighted and I have had a number of recommendations from them to other clients. I am now planning my full-time future in coaching next year. Thanks again for a brilliant course, it has been instrumental in my success so far.

Cathy M, Sydney

I completed your Premium NLP Masters Course recently, which was really well presented by the way. I just wanted to say a big thank you! As you know my main goal was to get back to work and into a career that fulfilled me.  I used many of the skills in my interviews that you taught so excellently on the course and the feedback was great from each one. I have just got my dream job managing a small HR department. I can’t wait to use all of those people skills from the course with my staff and look forward to getting some great results with them. Although the NLP qualifications were not required for the job I definitely think that they helped secure the position, so thank you once again.

Julie D, Chicago

For anyone considering doing an NLP course with you I just wanted to say, “do it you will not look back!” I am a therapist and had heard lots about NLP before taking your online Masters course.  The reports do not do NLP justice by any means! I have never discharged so many patients after such a short amount of time since I started using my NLP techniques in my private practice. I was worried at first that cutting the number of sessions that I have with patients would affect the results and my earnings! However just as you said the results have been superb and lasting and I have never been so frequently recommended. That is what getting great results does for you!

Jon W, London

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