It has finally been proven by science that our brains are in fact plastic! Now, that is a bit of a simplistic way of looking at things, but scientists have discovered that our brains are mouldable just like plastic and that they react and grow in response to our actions and thoughts. Which means that you don’t get the brain that you are given, you get the brain that you develop.

When you were younger perhaps your mum or dad, or school teacher would have told you that “you are born with all the brain cells that you are going to get, so look after them.” They may have warned you about the effect of drinking alcohol resulting in you loosing these valuable brain cells, “and they don’t grow back!” Well, you do loose brain cells, but the big news is that in actual fact we have the ability to produce new brain cells throughout our lives and even into old age.

New brain cells to meet demand

Essentially our body produces brain cells to meet demand. So, if you are sitting about all day and watching TV, then don’t expect your brain to be doing much growth and regeneration. However let’s say that you decide to learn something new and you go through a period of intense study, your body will react by supplying a batch of new brain cells to better enable you to cope with the extra demand. In this way your brain will actually change shape over time as you essentially grow a new brain.

Society leads us to believe that athletes and celebrities are cut from a different cloth to us, they have talent and we do not. They have these superhuman powers that we mere mortals just cannot tap into. This is simply not the case. In most cases the superstars have simply done a better job of tapping into their potential….so far.

Let’s be clear about what this neuroplasticity, as they are calling it, means to you. It means that if you choose to be an expert in a certain field, then as long as you have the resources and time to develop your skills and the facilities to do it, your brain and body will attempt to support you through your development, your brain will mould itself into a new shape by the production of brand new brain cells. You get the brain that you create.

Exercise improves intelligence

One way to stimulate the growth of new brain cells is to exercise. Scientists have discovered that as well as making you feel better exercise can actually improve your intelligence. If you take up a new sport and practice at that sport intensely, then you will actually develop a whole new area of brain that is dedicated to help you achieve excellence in this activity.

This area of study has major implications for you and for our children. Many many studies now show that you can measurably improve your intelligence through exercise (read the book Spark – ) children can improve their results in tests, you can improve your results in tests by doing some exercise (any exercise will do) before you do a test or exam.

Your life really is what you make of it

So if you were waiting for a sign from the universe, a reason to have a new start in life or to just start living your life the way that you want it, building a better you, then take this news as the spark to make it happen for you. What do you want your legacy to be? What do you want to achieve before your last day? How many people do you want to touch with your generosity before you draw your last breath.

However long we live it is not for very long, you now have no excuse. Your life is what you make it. Make it magnificent!


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