The body of NLP includes a number of language patterns at an advanced level that enable to you guide people in a certain direction. We only promote the use of NLP for the benefit of self and others and not for the purpose of pushing people in a direction that they do not want to go, so we use these language patterns ecologically. Quantum Linguistics is about using a similar process to that of induction to induce positive change in other people, we do that through the language that we use. There are certain patterns of words that, when used together can take someone from a position of weakness to empowerment.

In the examples below we use some of these patterns to assist someone in overcoming doubts that they have about whether they are good enough to take a promotion at work:


Well done for getting in touch with your feelings about your next promotion at work. I can certainly grasp how not feeling that you are good enough can hold you back in your career, but isn’t it great to realize that how you feel about yourself isn’t the issue at all, because you do know that you are so much more than that feeling, don’t you? And ultimately this is about the quality of life and career success you can choose to decide to deserve now.

And what if you were actually in charge of your own life and could do whatever you wanted to do, to go for your next promotion now, unhindered because you cannot not go for it and succeed. Perhaps you have already realized how great you are at your job when you aren’t looking and promotion isn’t only within your grasp but it’s already here.

I am convinced that you know other people, some of your colleagues even, who have taken the leap despite their apprehensions and as a result have landed squarely on their next promotion easily and effortlessly. You cannot not follow their undeniable success because the same way that you decided you can just un-decide stop limiting yourself now.

Just imagine how powerful you feel about yourself when you throw all caution to the wind and just go for your promotion now. It is already yours, isn’t it? And what could possibly stand on your way when you are unstoppable to your success now.


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So you don’t feel you are good enough in order to go for your next promotion?
Is that a good feeling to have about yourself? How do you know if you would feel good enough?
What if (pause) you are too good for the promotion? What if (slight pause) you deserve more?
Have you thought of the good it could do you?
Have you considered what would happen if (pause) you are good enough for this promotion?
You have the skills for the promotion is a good step, don’t you?

(Use of metaphor) I have a friend and she was really scared before a job interview, she felt she wasn’t (pause) good enough. And she knows that she had the skills and necessary training to get the job is a good one, don’t you think? You can, can’t you? So she went to the job interview, knowing her skills and who she was is good enough. And she got the job. Because who you are, is good enough.

Why do you think you are not good enough? Was there ever a time when you were good enough? And what would happen if you weren’t good enough and there is no promotion? And what would happen if you weren’t good enough and there is a promotion? And what if you were good enough and there is a promotion?


You just mentioned that you feel that you are not good enough for your next promotion, yet. I know how you feel, many of my clients felt the same way, and what they found is that with some simple and exciting exercises it is very easy to get rid of that feeling and you will do that to, won’t you?

The feeling that you have is causing you to limit yourself for the promotion that you deserve. You should get comfortable in the fact that you are good enough for your next promotion, you have done this before, you know? The work that you are doing right now is a direct result of your last promotion and that worked out very well because you are up for your next promotion, aren’t you?

It all boils down to the fact that you and the firm that you are working with are growing hand in hand and you have to make sure that you do not limit yourself, growth is good for you as well as for your company, isn’t it? They give you the change to let your  know-how work for you and you are more than that.

You are here sitting with me and that means that you are changing and that you are seeing things different already, and that is good.