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Feel free to browse through our articles on NLP and coaching. Each article is designed to help you live life at your best and develop excellence. Learn about how studying NLP and coaching can benefit you and how you can use it to add value to other people.

  • Business NLP - Benefits of using NLP in business and organisations

Benefits of using NLP in business and organisations

I get many requests from potential students for information on the specific benefits of using NLP in business and organisations. NLP has applications for many different fields, business, sales, therapy, education, and sports. We have [...]

  • Managing people - NLP modelling

NLP Modelling Exercise – Managing People

One of the aims of NLP is to enable students to learn the skills so that they can model other people in key aspects of their behaviour and adopt those behaviours and skills for themselves. [...]

  • Girl Guides

Girl Guides Introduce New Mental Health Badge

The Girl Guides are launching a new badge to help teenagers understand and talk about mental health problems. The Think Resilient badge will be introduced from April, and was developed with the mental health charity [...]

  • mental health

How To Improve Your Mental Health

Many of us will experience mental health issues throughout our lives, often as a result of circumstances beyond our control, but NLP training courses can help teach you how to manage symptoms of depression, stress, [...]

  • London policeman

Stress-Related Sick Days For Police ‘On The Rise’

Police forces around the UK might be inspired to offer their officers mindfulness training online in order to combat feelings of stress they may be feeling, given figures revealing that the number of sick days [...]

  • parents

Is Mindfulness A Good Tool For Parents?

Mindfulness has been shown to be effective at helping users control their stress, depression and anxiety, which is why it is often practised by parents who have to juggle very busy lifestyles, responsibilities and demands. [...]

  • NHS

Mindfulness Could Benefit NHS & Staff Members

Mindfulness training courses could soon be a feature of the NHS, as a new report has suggested that the organisation could save money and reduce staff stress. The Mindful Nation UK report, published by the [...]

  • NLP Modeling Golf

NLP Strategies & Modelling – An example

One of the huge benefits of learning NLP is that you can adopt any kind of skill and behaviour that you admire in others and have it for yourself. Skills that we possess in life [...]

  • childhood obesity

Mindfulness to Help Tackle Obesity In Children?

Parents who are worried that their children may be dangerously overweight might want to consider mindfulness training courses, following research revealing that mindfulness could prove to be beneficial in encouraging weight loss and healthy eating [...]

  • Blue Monday

How To Get Through Blue Monday

Today is January 18th – often referred to as Blue Monday, the most depressing day of the year. But why is this? It’s thought that people’s moods are negatively affected by the cold and wet [...]

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