You may be wondering what Quantum Physics and NLP have in common? Well Quantum Physics explains a little bit about how our world is put together, in minute quantum detail, it explains how nothing is certain and how nothing is created unless it is observed as being created. NLP explains how we put together our thoughts and behaviours, how we can improve our lives, our own personal world. In our NLP Master Practitioner training we discuss the very basic details of quantum physics and how we can relate them to how we think about the world around us and how we create our future. Here are some thoughts….


When I first saw the title for this area of the course, I thought, ‘Quantum Physics, what is this about?’, I wasn’t sure how this could relate to the course. When I started to explore the section regarding holograms, things soon became clear. I have always been fascinated by holograms and wondered how the actually worked. From the course material that first describes what a hologram is, I began to relate the image of the apple to a stored memory. If its possible that each of the peaces of holographic film can contain all the information about the apple, then this can be interpreted as each of the pieces holding the same memory with all the details.

So by understanding Karl Pribram’s theory of holographic memory, it opens up so many possibilities regarding the reality of the moment. In looking at my own time line, it reflects on how there where multiple possibilities of that could of placed me in different realities. It made me think of a film called ‘The Butterfly effect’. where in the film, the character experiences multiple destinies that are a result of his actions in the past. This has led me to really think about the theories of alternate realities and multiple realities. Maybe life is a form of continuum where if you die, well thats just one version of reality. it’s a bit like having alternative endings on a DVD.

The time line in this section of the course illustrates how we make decisions between the past and future. Descisions that have been arrived at through multiple possibilities. It is the choice that we make, based on the possibilities that are available, that determine the here and now. The possibilities flow from the past and also from the future towards the here and now. It is the combination of those possibilities that allow us to decide on which future route to take.

This is an amazing way of recognizing our own timelines and I can see how instrumental this can be when considering our futures. I have often used time lines in my client work as a means of identifying recurrent behaviours and to identify route causes and triggers of issues. Having studied this section of the course several times now, I feel that it has provided me with a magnified and indeed holographic perspective of any timeline. I can see how the conflict of the waves of possibility from the here and now and the future, can really can make it difficult to decide on the path you wish to take. So it is carefully understanding the probabilities that can allow us to make a decision of where we want to go.

I thoroughly intend on spending much more reflective time on exploring the possibilities of this particular area. Its limitless potential is in itself a inspirational concept that could define any form of goal setting.


So when I first read this title I thought, okay NLP is very logical as is science, but never did I expect it to give such profound meaning to spirituality, to the connections between everything and that at any given moment we have many paths and many choices that we can choose. There is a deeper level of reality on which we are all connected. Our minds (consciousness) are not rooted in any one place, the mind is omnipresent, meaning we can access all the information there is. And we have a lot more to do with how the world is.

NLP has provided us with an incredible range of choices seeing as beliefs and patterns are not fixed. Quantum Physics experiments and plays with the ‘what if’ element of the facts that we take as reality. Also freeing us from potential limitations.

In split theory, we soon realised that the intention has a direct influence on the results we see. One minute photons are behaving as waves, the next as particles. How can this be? According to the theory, what passes through the 2 holes as waves aren’t real waves, they’re probability waves. They’re not really there yet, they’re in a state of ‘I could be here, or there or I could end up over there…’, not being fixed. Until someone looks at the probability wave, then it collapses and becomes a particle at a definite place. So we can conclude that a wave or a particle all depended upon the context in which it was observed and how it was observed. In other words, reality at the deepest level is observer created. As can we, we have many choices, many ways we could go according to our decisions in the now, there is potential for a huge range of outcomes. What we observe in the now about our futures is not the real future but a probability.

So how does this translate to us personally? If our personal observations are a form of measurement then our thoughts behave as wave forms until we identify with them. Before we have thoughts, pure potential exists. Once we have a thought and we put it into language, our internal representations, then we begin to make something out of nothing.

With the two atoms mirroring each other, the interconnectedness of us, it brought me to the thought of what intention, power we put into the now, the result in the future will be directly influenced.

All together these things can work to create detachment from a sense of a ‘fixed path’ that someone may feel they are stuck in and give them the ability to free themselves from it, by realising the potential of the decisions they make in the here and now, and that those positive decisions will be returned. That the future they see in their minds is simply an observation and not yet reality, so we have the ability to observe a different future, to act and behave and change our ‘wave’ our path in life. We take science as a fact, a fixed a certain. And here we can offer those facts, that nothing is fixed and that we can, in fact, observe a more positive result in the future.

So we have sensory input, and we create our internal representations, our maps. Then you impose your map on the world, so you are making the world fit your map, and we know that there are many more posibilities than we may have mapped, due to our internal representations, our observations. So if we change our map, how we see, change the internal representations that are not working for a positive result in life, then we can change our reality. Creating one that is limitless.

Now that takes how we can help others, and as much as it applies to myself, it also emphasises to me personally, that my internal representations affect my ideas of who people are, and that in fact I should observe more, detach from the ideas that are fixed and allow limitless results for who these people can be too. That I can remove the limits of what I can achieve, picture the results I want from all the possibilities, and create my own future. That the world will return the positive energy that input.



Changes are dependent on the way we observe certain things.

Sometimes my observation was too negative as I was trying to be realistic as I wanted my life to be easier for me, but according to quantum physics I created problems as I was concentrating on them, because I was observing them, as I wanted to solve them.

I decided from now on I am going to visualize myself and my life as I want them to be. I will visualize my goals reached as I want them to be.

I had some successes with that in the past. I keep saying to my girlfriends, who don’t have partners that I loved my husband before I met him and it was definitely quantum physics rule, which I used. I also understand my father´s alcoholism. My father drinks because my mother expects him to do so and he expects himself to drink as well.

I create my future, every moment I decide how the future is going to be. We have in front of us infinite number of possible futures and infinite number of choices.

That made me very happy today. It is great relief to now that everything is really just up to me, nobody can hurt me if I don’t concentrate on pain and on possibility of being hurt. Now I am starting to think more optimistically.

You have to decide you want something and when you want it and your body and whole universe is going to get there.

As I have been dealing with this area of personal development since I was 21, I know this, but sometimes I keet forgetting. I am going to use this fact to be one of the best NLP Master Practitioners in Europe.

Thanks to the timeline technique I can change my past and my future.

I would love to change my past or at least to forget about some moments, it would help me a lot in my life. I know how to reframe the past to find some positive learning.

We can change something either from the past or from the future. 

I can alter possibility from the past or I can alter possibility from the future.

If I can imagine something, then I have strength to do it. If there wasn’t possibility to do it, it wouldn’t be possible to imagine it.

We are limited by our beliefs of what is true. We influence our reality by our observation.

Change must be initiated by me. This is a rule which serves me well in my life as I don’t rely mainly on myself to reach my goals.

I will remind myself more often now that it is only up to me to fulfil my dreams, there are not in fact other factors. I will remind my clients more to accept responsibility for their own life.