It’s been a busy few months for me at Excellence Assured. In between the NLP and Coaching training courses that I run in the UK and working with our students on our online courses I’ve buried myself away, written and built a brand new online training course. The course is called The Mind Management & Mindfulness Programme. It is now finished and I am really proud of it.

Here are six BIG reasons why you should take this training course:

  1. It will teach you the art of Mindfulness. Mindfulness is the new buzz word for the techniques involved in creating personal well-being and happiness.
  2. It will enable you to beat anxiety, stress and depression.
  3. It will assist you in building purpose into your life and create an empowering future.
  4. It will help you recognise and eliminate unwanted behaviours.
  5. It will teach you how to manage your thinking so you get your life the way that you want it.
  6. It will help you create better relationships with other people and better manage your existing relationships.


A note for all coaches and therapists out there

This course provides you with a diploma certificate in Mindfulness – a valuable addition to your existing qualifications and key marketing tool to help you get more clients and improve your results.  The course will provide you with new techniques and skills to get the best out of your clients. In addition it will give you the chance to transform your life while you learn!

This is an online video based course. There are 70 brand new, amazing and intriguing video modules packed full of exercises for you to do to help you to develop the art of Mindfulness.


Personal to you

As always with my courses I want to make them personal to you. I am an executive coach and I am lucky enough to work with some incredibly gifted, and hard working people. I have used the techniques in this course with my clients for several years now and they ALWAYS get results.

It is really important to me that you enjoy the course and get great results with the training.

I present the material in the course in the same way that I work, I make it personal. Rather than being trained, I want to you to experience the training as a series of personal coaching sessions from me. This is how we will work together to get your life the way that you want it.


Personal for me

In the course I want you to be able to relate to Mindfulness, just as I do. I share stories from my past and explain to you how I used these Mindfulness tools to beat my habit of overthinking and overworking to go on and live my life now with a sense of ease and well-being. I also use stories from other people to illustrate how the techniques work and how people are applying them successfully in their lives.


Using state of the art training techniques

As you may know, I am a Master Trainer of NLP. In NLP we use anchoring techniques to set up neural pathways to automatic triggers in thinking and behaviour.

In this training course I use these anchoring techniques in the videos to save you the time in trying to remember all of the content and all of the material in the videos.  I use visual and auditory anchors in the videos to set up triggers for improved thinking, peace of mind, presence of mind and happiness as well as for all of the techniques that I teach you.  This means that all you need to do is watch the videos, listen to me as I coach you, do the exercises and I will do the work on placing the material in a logical sequence in your memory.


Act now – special incentive

You are special to me and it is personal. I want you to be able to experience this training and get the life changing results that are possible through it.

For a limited time only I am making this course available for a special discounted price of £149.  This offer will end once we have sold 50 discounted courses, so it will not take long.

We can get you started on this course right away click on the button below.

It is back to working with students on our ever popular NLP training series for me now. Happy days!


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