Mindfulness has been shown to be effective at helping users control their stress, depression and anxiety, which is why it is often practised by parents who have to juggle very busy lifestyles, responsibilities and demands.

Cope with challenges

Anyone who has been on a mindfulness course will know that the self-help practice gives you tools on how to cope with challenges, take a breather from difficult situations and understand the impact your thoughts are having on you.

That is why so many mums and dads find it great at improving their parenting skills, as it provides you with patience and extra resources to deal with the challenges children present.

Let go of the past

Not only does it help parents respond to difficult situations in a calmer, more relaxed manner, instead of getting worked up and stressed out, but it also helps alleviate the fears mothers and fathers bring to their parenting from their past. By letting these go, reactions to such tests will be more positive and effective.

Enjoy the moments

Most parents recognise how quickly years fly by when you have children, but if you want to take the time to enjoy your kids before they leave home for good, mindfulness can help slow things down.

It teaches you to be present in the moment, so you aren’t spending the time with your young ones thinking about things you have to do, things you have not done or big worries that you cannot control. This will help you to enjoy the time, so you can reassure yourself that you used it wisely when bringing up your kids.

Enjoy a childlike innocence

As mindfulness practices living in the moment and having peace with your past, parents often find this helps them enjoy occasions just like a child would – free from worry or inhibitions.

And if there’s one way to really bond with your kids, playing and having fun with them certainly is it.