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Whilst writing my book, Mind Management and Mindfulness I got many stories from people practicing mindfulness that are helpful in putting this series together for you.

Powerful techniques and exercises for you to experiment with, you may find that it is useful to incorporate mindfulness into your daily routines.

People say that mindfulness brings them serenity and a calmness like nothing else.

Give it a go and let me know what you think? You may be surprised?

Girl Guides Introduce New Mental Health Badge

The Girl Guides are launching a new badge to help teenagers understand and talk about mental health problems.

It aims to break down the stigma surrounding mental health issues, and will give young women the chance to learn self-calming techniques. This may even encourage them to understand more about seeking mindfulness training in the UK […]

Stress-Related Sick Days For Police ‘On The Rise’

Police forces around the UK might be inspired to offer their officers mindfulness training online in order to combat feelings of stress they may be feeling, given figures revealing that the number of sick days taken because of stress has climbed by 50 per cent in the last five years.

A Freedom of Information request has […]

Is Mindfulness A Good Tool For Parents?

Mindfulness has been shown to be effective at helping users control their stress, depression and anxiety, which is why it is often practised by parents who have to juggle very busy lifestyles, responsibilities and demands.

Cope with challenges

Anyone who has been on a mindfulness course will know that the self-help practice gives you tools on […]

Mindfulness Could Benefit NHS & Staff Members

Mindfulness training courses could soon be a feature of the NHS, as a new report has suggested that the organisation could save money and reduce staff stress.

The Mindful Nation UK report, published by the Mindfulness Initiative, said that mindfulness-based cognitive therapy (MBCT) could improve patient health and wellbeing among those suffering with lower back pain, […]

Parents’ Depression ‘Can Negatively Affect’ Children’s Grades

Depression is a common problem in the UK, with the NHS stating that approximately one in ten people in the country will suffer from the condition during their lifetime. However, new research has suggested that depression in adults could also affect their children.

A Swedish study (reported by Reuters) that examined 1.1 million […]

Mindfulness to Help Tackle Obesity In Children?

Parents who are worried that their children may be dangerously overweight might want to consider mindfulness training courses, following research revealing that mindfulness could prove to be beneficial in encouraging weight loss and healthy eating in children.

Conducted by the Vanderbilt University Medical Center, the study found that the brains of youngsters who […]

Neighbour Disputes ‘Result In Depression & Stress’

Maintaining good relationships with your closest neighbours is always advisable but since you have no control over who lives next door to you, this isn’t always possible – and you could find your mental health and wellbeing affected if you end up having disputes.

Ocean Finance research has found that one-third of all […]

Mindfulness Training Helps Psychologist Overcome Loneliness

A health psychologist who moved from his home in Ireland to London a few years ago was able to overcome serious homesickness and loneliness thanks to UK mindfulness courses.

In an article for the Irish Times, Darragh O’Shea observed that he was well aware that isolation and loneliness could have […]

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